The Great Resignation is an economic trend we’ve seen throughout 2022. However, with an imminent recession, many have become worried about the future of hiring. Large, profitable tech companies have reported layoffs this year, with more job cuts expected. But although this trend may seem discouraging, the undercurrent is actually quite promising.

Within tech’s many sectors, some market segments, including artificial intelligence (AI), are rapidly expanding and looking to bring in new perspectives. Times like these typically cause tension, but there are companies looking at the upside of what’s to come and putting plans in place for expansion.

Expanding the tech industry through advancements and hiring

While reports circulate about downsized teams and lack of funding, this is not true for artificial intelligence. As we’ve seen over the last few years, AI has been a continuous hotspot, with the market set to increase by $76.44 billion by 2025, with an accelerated growth rate of more than 21% annually.

With the slew of amazing tech talent across the world and the growth of AI, there’s no doubt that there are numerous opportunities available for industry workers. That’s especially true if they begin to shift into new areas of the industry as companies pull back on hiring. This timing is giving AI a huge opportunity for expansion. Some of the world’s largest companies have been benefiting from the transformational power that AI has provided for years in areas including search, ad targeting and recommendations.

Source: Venture Beat

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