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Becoming a Featured Recruiter will enhance your visibility and ultimate experience on WeCruitr.io. Having a customized profile allows you to put your best foot forward, making you more appealing to both potential clients and candidates. Share your experience, specialties, search locations, preferences in Job Seekers, contact options and more! Having a profile opens new doors for you as a Recruiter—giving you the opportunity to view thousands of Job Seekers that could fit your search, as well as connecting with other Recruiters to share tips with. Your profile will be readily available for potential clients to see and contact you, as you now have the additional ability to connect with others through the site. WeCruitr offers additional perks, but you will have to sign up to experience them all!



How Do I Become A Featured Recruiter?

Easy! Click here to sign up now as a Featured Recruiter!




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