So you’ve prepared for your upcoming interview and know exactly what to say. You know why you want the job and how to explain the ways in which your past experiences are applicable to it. And you’ve practiced it all over and over again in the mirror so that you’re sure to impress your interviewer.

But have you thought about what you absolutely shouldn’t say?

These seven lines may make you come off like you’re trying too hard, so avoid them the best you can.

1. “It’s my dream to work at your company”

If your interviewer asks you why you want to work for the company, say something of substance. Responding that it’s your “dream” to work there leaves little explanation; it’s a vague, empty response that doesn’t actually answer the question.

Instead of trying to stress to your interviewer that you love the company, detail what exactly you love about the company. Why is it your dream to work for the company? What about the company is so desirable to you—its values, mission, benefits, etc.? Are there specific leaders at the company who you consider role models? What does the company do differently from its competitors that you admire?

Being specific about why you want to work for the company will be more impressive anyway since it shows that you’ve done your research.

2. “I don’t think there’s anything you could do to improve”

Often, an interviewer will ask you what you think the company can do differently to improve some system, its culture, a program, etc. After all, the company is looking to hire some (and considering you) to help them to do better or to do more in some way.

Instead of trying to impress your interviewer by telling them how great you think their company is, impress them by telling them exactly what you think they can do to improve. If you don’t, you’ll look like you’re trying to hard to be a brown nose.

Source: Ladders

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