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Why you should hire from within

The possibility of promotion is a huge incentive for employees, but how do you become a company with an internal conveyor belt of talent?There’s nothing like a promotion to inspire staff. A survey by the consultancy Great Place to Work of 400,000 US...

How To Empower Yourself When You Perceive A Threat To Your Job Security

It is Sunday evening and your smartphone vibrates. You see a cryptic text from someone you don’t know in human resources requiring an urgent meeting with you. Your mind races with worry about something you may have inadvertently done. Since you know that you didn't do...

How to cope with a long job search

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or are currently between jobs, it can be frustrating and stressful to be looking for a job. And the longer that the job search has dragged on, the worse it feels. The initial hope you had may turn to anger and then...

Job Growth Dramatically Decreased And Disappointed With Only 75,000 New Jobs Added In May

After 104 months of steady growth, The United States Department of Labor reported Friday that only a meager 75,000 new jobs were added in May—significantly lower than the 180,000 anticipated by economic experts. To further dampen enthusiasm, the two prior months’...

9 Ways To Work Well With Human Resources And In-House Corporate Recruiters

In any personal or professional relationship, you have to work hard to make it successful. When you go to an accountant, you should bring in all of your receipts and tax forms, try not to squirm around too much when you get a haircut, don’t boss around and lecture the...

The Phone Call Has Taken Over As The Introductory Interview–Here’s What You Need To Know To Succeed

Overnight, it became commonplace for companies to schedule introductory phone calls with candidates for the first interview. This approach even applies to mid-to-senior level executives. I legitimately don’t understand how these things escalate so quickly. I’m not...

How The Failure Of Generations To Communicate Is Causing Chaos In The Interview Process

I’m told in emphatic terms—and words that can’t be printed in this publication—that the job search and hiring process is broken. I heavily engage with job seekers, hiring managers and human resource professionals on a daily basis in my roles of an executive recruiter,...

‘Why Do You Want This Job?’ Is A Trick Question–Here Is How To Intelligently Answer It

As an interviewee, you want to get the “Why do you want this job?” question. Compared to all of the other challenging brain teaser questions, this is the best one to use to your advantage—if you handle it the right way. At the most basic level, an employer seeks to...

Here’s How To Perfectly Craft And Throw Your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living and they offer a long-winded dissertation that you cannot comprehend? You politely nod and say, “Wow, that’s great,” but secretly feel that something is wrong with this guy. There are very few, if any, jobs—no...

Anxious, Stressed Or Feeling Burned Out? You’re Not Alone: Here Are Tips To Overcome Those Feelings

In our society, we will offer our well wishes to someone who sustains a bodily injury, such as a broken leg. However, when it comes to mental health matters, there’s radio silence. We are uniquely uncomfortable dealing with mental health issues, like stress, anxiety...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 'E' in WeCruitr?

Yes, we are aware there is no “e” in WeCruitr. Yes, we are asked this constantly. Yes, it was intentional. No, we aren’t changing it.

What is there to do on WeCruitr?

The main use for WeCruitr is to connect and collaborate with individuals in your space—whether that’s finding a new role, connecting with others to share/gain advice, or filling a current role. Some other features we recommend are our Recruiter Directory for users to view/connect with over a thousand recruiters and our Career Advice/Podcast sections that share relevant career articles and advice. 

What if I’m not actively looking for a job? Can I still join?

Yes! We encourage all business professionals, actively seeking or not, to join. WeCruitr provides a variety of opportunities to build professional connections with other members on the site. This allows members to learn more about the space they are in or looking to get into, offer career advice with one another, and share potential job opportunities!

Why should I fill out everything on my profile? Is it that important?

Filling out all of the fields on your profile makes it easier for other users to find you, connect with you, and know why you are on WeCruitr. It gives members the opportunity to learn more about you before connecting and reaching out.

I don’t want my profile to be visible to the public, in fear of my current job finding out I’m looking around. Am I still able to join?

Yes! We offer Privacy Settings for Job Seekers, so no need to fear being seen. Feed your interest in market intelligence, salary benchmarks, career transitions, and the prospects for relocating to other cities, states and countries from Recruiters with insider knowledge.

How do I change my Privacy Settings?

Easy! Privacy Settings are located on your profile under the ‘Privacy’ tab. 

I’m having trouble adding my Profile and Cover photos. How can I fix this?

 Once you have completed the registration and have signed in using your email or username, you can now click on the blank image on your profile and it will say ‘Update Image.’ Have your photo ready to upload and click the ‘Change Image’ button. After you upload, crop your photo, and then save it. If you are running into an error, send us your picture to info@wecruitr.com and we can upload it for you.

How can I search for Job Seekers and Recruiters on the site?

Searching for Job Seekers and Recruiters is a breeze! Simply choose the ‘Search’ tab in the menu and this will bring you to our site-wide search. Here you will have four main options to choose from when conducting your search:

Recruiter Directory: Search through thousands of Recruiters that we have listed—based on relevant keywords and your desired location.  

✧ Job Seeker: Search through thousands of relevant Job Seekers! Using our provided filters, Recruiters can easily find Job Seekers who fit their desired role and members can easily connect with others to chat. 

Featured Recruiter: Featured Recruiters are registered members on the site with complete profiles. WeCruitr will serve as a conduit to Recruiters with direct-messaging capabilities.  

✧ Career Advice: If you are looking for guidance on how to progress your career, peruse through our collection of career articles—whether it is deciding when it is a good time to commence a job search, interviewing tips or how to negotiate your salary


What is the ‘Recruiter Directory?’

Our ‘Recruiter Directory’ contains thousands of Recruiter listings from all industries. The messaging feature will send your message to either the recruiter’s email or the company’s email. If the listing do not have an email, we have marked those listings, which will result in an error when sending a message.

What is proper etiquette when working with a recruiter?

Just like anyone, Recruiters would prefer to not be spammed. Kindly send them a message, email or voicemail that honestly states what you are looking for, how many years of experience you have in your field and that you would like to have a productive conversation. Capture their attention in a proper way with realistic expectations and a recruiter will be more than happy to work with you.

I was supposed to receive an email, but I can’t find it. Where would emails from WeCruitr be found?

Sometimes our emails appear in the spam/junk inboxes, so be sure to check there first. If you are still not able to find the email, please contact us at info@wecruitr.com and we will be happy to assist you.


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