10 reasons you should wake-up at 5 AM for 30 days straight

10 reasons you should wake-up at 5 AM for 30 days straight

I have a challenge for you: Wake up at 5 AM for the next 30 days.

For the remainder of this article, I’m going to make you specific promises about what will happen if you do this.

To be absolutely clear: If you wake up at 5 AM for 30 days straight, your entire life will change.

  • You’ll become a new person.
  • You’ll have a new sense of clarity and purpose for your life.
  • You’ll be more confident.
  • You’ll have better health.
  • You’ll show up more powerfully in your relationships.

But before I divulge what will occur in your life if you take me up on this challenge, I must explain HOW to do it.

How do you successfully wake up at 5 AM for 30 days straight?

  1. You start going to bed sooner (by the way, Mark Wahlberg wakes up at 3 am and goes to bed at 7 pm―In his own words, “I wake up at 3 am to work out for 2 hours, 7 days a week (bed at 7 pm)”)
  2. In order to go to bed sooner, you must avoid your consumption-based nightly addictions
  3. The first few nights, you may have a hard time falling asleep
  4. Therefore, the first few 5 AM mornings, you may be exhausted
  5. But that exhaustion will, eventually, lead to better and earlier sleep
  6. When you set an alarm, that alarm should be on the opposite side of the room or in a different room altogether
  7. Once you wake up, you should already know what you’re going to do
  8. Therefore, you must decide what you’re going to do the night before
  9. Make it easy on yourself: Don’t have more than 3 items on your to-do list
  10. When you get out of bed to turn off your alarm, drink a big cup of water
  11. Don’t get back in bed
  12. Put your shoes on, go outside, and get into a new environment (I like my car)
  13. Be active, not passive about waking up
  14. Within 5-10 minutes, if you’re active about waking up, you’ll start to feel really good
  15. Have something meaningful to do during your “Morning routine”

Alright, with all of those “how’s” behind us, let us now examine what will begin happening in your life if you choose to wake up at 5AM for 30 days straight.

Let’s begin:

1. You’ll have time to connect with yourself, your purpose, and your High Power

“Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.”


Most people wake up frantic and busy. They haven’t given themselves time to connect with themselves, their higher purpose, and their Higher Power.

Hence, most people are operating at a very low level.

If you want to operate at an INSPIRED and powerful level, you need time, first thing in the morning, to connect with yourself. You need to reconnect with your PURPOSE, and you need to connect with God.

I’m terrified for children who encounter parents who haven’t done this.

How can you possibly help your children live great lives if you yourself are living unconsciously?

Waking up early and connecting with yourself, your purpose, and God allows you to live consciously.

You can be proactive, not reactive.
You can happen to the world, rather than having the world happen to you.
You can live with intention and creation, rather than consumption.

Connecting with your purpose allows you to live forward, toward your goals and dreams. If you’re not doing this, then you are unconsciously living today as a repeat of yesterday.

This is how most people live. They are living today almost the same way they lived yesterday. They don’t have what Peter Diamandis calls, a“Massively Transformative Purpose,” or (MTP) which is guiding their lives.

When you wake up and get your body moving, and connect with your MTP, then you start moving forward. You’re living your life in a direction. You have purpose. You have intention. Therefore, you have an identity.

2. You’ll have time for personal development and progress toward goals

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

―Marie Curie

When you wake up at 5 AM, you give yourself some space to actually improve and make progress as a person.

Life, for most people, is very busy. Most Americans read less than one book per year. They’re too busy at work and then distracted by the media and the internet.

If instead, you woke up and started reading books, you could get to the point where you’re reading 20+ books per year. Many people read one book per week, and others even read 100+ books per year.

This isn’t actually that complicated, but it does transform your life.

  • The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you can make.
  • The more knowledge you have, the more competent and confident you will be.

As you read, you will learn HOW to learn. When you learn how to learn, you can learn anything. This is why reading is such an invaluable skill.

Personally, I like waking up and going for a 60-minute walk, listening to audiobooks on 1.5 or 1.75 speed. While brisk walking 3-5 miles and while listening to empowering content, I begin getting lots of powerful ideas about my future.

Of course, before my walk, I do a short meditation, prayer, and journal session to direct my mind. This session takes less than 10 minutes, but it allows me to be intentional. It directs my mind while I’m walking I can receive in inspiration and revelation.

Get yourself moving. Get yourself learning.

Also, you may even have some time to work toward your bigger picture goals.

If you start waking up at 5 AM, you’ll be able to create intention and connection to your purpose, do some learning, and then make some progress toward your goals.

If you make even small progress toward big goals over time, you’ll start to see massive results.

  • Small hinges swing big doors.
  • By small things, great things occur.
  • A little progress daily and over time, your whole life will change.

As Albert Einstein famously said:

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.”

3. You’ll get into a peak state, which will influence everything else you do that day

“The opposite of the peak experience—sudden depression, fatigue, even the ‘panic fear’ that swept William James to the edge of insanity—is the outcome of passivity. This cannot be overemphasized. Depression—or neurosis—need not have a positive cause (childhood traumas, etc.). It is the natural outcome of negative passivity. The peak experience is the outcome of an intentional attitude. ‘Feedback’ from my activities depends upon the degree of deliberately calculated purpose I put into them.”

―Colin Wilson

If you wake up every day at 5 AM, get yourself connected, learning, and making progress, you’ll start to feel a heightened state of mind.

You’ll have more “peak moments.”

Peak experiences are not random but must occur intentionally. You can’t be passive.

The more peak experiences you have, the more transformed you’ll become as a person. The higher the standards you will have.

Peak experiences can become a normal and expected part of your day. Those moments of “awe” and gratitude. Those moments you feel completely absorbed by the brilliance and abundance.

Those moments of humility for how amazing life is.

These can and should happen daily.

If you live intentionally and give yourself space, they can happen every morning.

If you’re having peak experiences every morning, then what do you think will happen the rest of your day? Your day will be guided. You’ll be inspired. You’ll be in the right place. You’ll positively impact others.

Source: The Ladders

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