13 Ways HR Departments Can Help Foster A Positive Company Culture

13 Ways HR Departments Can Help Foster A Positive Company Culture

Businesses tend to take on a personality of their own. As most individuals who work in human resources can attest, company culture is as much a personality of a business as it is the way the organization operates.

If left to its own devices, company culture can become unmanageable very quickly. At worst, it can lead to high worker turnover and poor employee motivation. It’s generally up to the HR department itself to guide the company’s culture into being more cooperative and beneficial and less toxic.

Below, 13 professionals from Forbes Human Resources Council take a look at the ways that an HR department can partner with stakeholders to bring positive company culture to a business, and why these methods are essential to a company’s development.

1. Partner With The CEO 

The CEO is the lifeblood of the organization where the culture flows into the company. HR should partner with the CEO and be regarded as a partner in return. Sustainable cultures are rich and compliant. The values, beliefs and goals of the organization must correlate to compliance standards, including acceptance of diversity and inclusion. HR can help navigate complexities to foster great culture. – Christine Wzorek, White Label Advisors

2. Interview For Culture Fit 

During interviews is a great time to assess culture fit. A great way to do this is to ask behavioral competency questions that align and support the company’s core values, mission and vision statements. This is a way to be strategic and proactive in your approach to finding the right fit! – Adam Mellor, ONE Gas, Inc.

Source: Forbes

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