5 Things to Do Now if You Want a New Job in 2020, According to Career Experts

5 Things to Do Now if You Want a New Job in 2020, According to Career Experts

New year, new you… new job? January is a popular time for job seekers, according to career experts.

“January is the peak month for job searching,” says Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor. “In January, there are 22 percent more job applications started on Glassdoor than in a typical month.”

Employers could be on the lookout for you, too. “The beginning of the year is a time when many employers are looking to bring in new talent,” says Michelle Armer, chief people officer at CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder’s own research found that last year, nearly four in 10 companies planned to add to their head count in the first quarter.

So if you’re thinking about starting 2020 with a job change, you’ll have a lot of opportunity — but you’ll have a lot of company, too. Here are the steps you should take right now to make yourself stand out in a sea of applications, according to experts.

Create the best resume — by streamlining it.

It’s a myth that you list every job you’ve ever held on your resume, Armer says. “If you’re 10 years into your career as a software engineer, you don’t need to list your time working at an ice cream shop in high school,” she says. “Dedicate more space to the sections that matter so you can give stronger detail about the experiences you’ve had that make you a strong candidate,” she says, adding that you also shouldn’t overlook leadership and collaboration skills. “Often, employers will give equal or more weight to soft skills like your ability to work well with a team or think critically,” she says.

Source: Money.com

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