7 Best Part-Time, Work From Home Jobs

7 Best Part-Time, Work From Home Jobs

These jobs provide remote work opportunities and flexible hours.

Technology has made working from home a possibility for professionals in diverse industries. “Bandwidth has gotten so good nowadays that you can do just about anything at home that you can do in the office,” says Tim Tolan, CEO and managing partner for The Tolan Group, a member of the national recruiting firm Sanford Rose Associates.

Companies like Rosetta Stone, Intuit and UnitedHealth Group offer some employees the option to work remotely, according to the employment website Glassdoor. Plenty of other workers are creating their own jobs as independent contractors in their chosen field. While some jobs require full-time hours, there are also plenty of opportunities to work part time.

“We’re in this candidate-driven market,” Tolan says. That means in-demand workers can negotiate for remote work and flexible hours, which Tolan says is the term often used to indicate a desire for part-time employment.

The following occupations are seven of the best part-timework from home jobs and illustrate how remote work is being embraced across industries.

Source: US NEWS

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