7 Steps To Reinvent Yourself In 2020

7 Steps To Reinvent Yourself In 2020

The holiday season and New Year is a time for reflection and introspection. In addition to celebrating with family and friends, we tend to start thinking about the direction of our lives and careers.

Heading into a new decade can be a sobering event. It makes you think of where you are in your career and if it’s heading in the right direction. You deeply contemplate if you’re truly happy and engaged in meaningful work.  People may have an existential crisis and grow concerned that they’re stuck, and will continue doing the same exact thing next year and the following decade. Sometimes it’s disappointment over the compensation, other times your job lacks a purpose. Even if you’re well-paid, your job may leave you feeling empty on the inside.

Most people are on autopilot. They go to a job that they hate, promise themselves they’ll do something about it, but they never take action. These people become discouraged, bitter and unhappy. We see them all the time at the office. They’re passive aggressive, try to get away with doing the bare minimum amount of work, blame others for their lack of career momentum and are generally unpleasant to interact with. If you start feeling that this is happening to you, it may be time to reinvent yourself. The New Year and fresh decade is the perfect time to start. Here is how to begin reinventing yourself:

Source: Forbes

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