Airbnb Promises To Value Its Stakeholders—Just In Time For Its IPO

Airbnb Promises To Value Its Stakeholders—Just In Time For Its IPO

Two years ago, in an open letter to the Airbnb community, company cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky wrote, “We must realize our vision and ensure our vision is good for society. This means that we must have the best interest of three stakeholders in mind: Airbnb the company (employees and shareholders), Airbnb the community (guests and hosts) and the world outside of Airbnb.”

On Friday, Chesky reiterated his vision to build an enduringly successful business along with making a positive contribution to society. To serve stakeholders, according to Chesky, is the best way to both build a valuable business and better help society.

Chesky’s aspirational goals mirror the doctrine previously set forth by the Business Roundtable—an association of over 180 chief executive officers of America’s leading companies—over the summer. The statement was made as a bold move to radically change and improve both the ethical mission of corporations and the lives of their employees, customers and vendors.

The Business Roundtable recommended that companies change the antiquated ways in which they operate. Historically, corporations have solely cared about their shareholders and maximizing the value of their investments. These CEOs have pledged and signed onto a commitment that requires them to also place a major priority and emphasis on their employees, the places where they conduct business and their vendors to ensure that everyone is treated honestly and justly.

Source: Forbes

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