Almost Everything Wall Street Expects in 2020

Almost Everything Wall Street Expects in 2020

For the professional prognosticators and market mavens of Wall Street and beyond, there is at least one easy prediction to make about the next 12 months: Investors are going to earn less. A lot less, probably.

“The double-digit returns of 2019 will be hard to repeat” is a phrase littering almost every investment outlook for global markets in 2020. Despite the trade war, political turmoil and more, virtually all major assets just posted a once-a-decade performance, and even uber-bulls know the chances of repeating the feat are slim.

Bloomberg News is back with its reader’s digest of research notes for the year ahead. Presented below by macro theme, asset class and institution is a compilation of more than 500 calls, bets and threats about the markets in 2020. They have been hand-picked, collated and condensed and represent the top-line takeaways from scores of the biggest financial institutions.

Source: Bloomberg

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