Andrew Yang’s wife says doctor sexually assaulted her while pregnant

Andrew Yang’s wife says doctor sexually assaulted her while pregnant

The New York gynecologist accused by dozens of women pleaded guilty to criminal sexual act in the third degree and one misdemeanor count of forcible touching

Evelyn Yang, wife of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, said that in 2012, she was sexually assaulted by a New York gynecologist accused of abusing more than two dozen other patients.

“I knew it was wrong,” she told CNN’s Dana Bash during an interview Thursday. “I knew I was being assaulted.”

Yang said that while she was seven months pregnant with her first child, Dr. Robert Hadden asked inappropriate questions about her sexual activity and conducted “unnecessary” examinations.

“I was in the exam room, and I was dressed and ready to go,” Yang told CNN. “Then, at the last minute, he kind of made up an excuse. He said something about, ‘I think you might need a C-section,’ and he proceeded to grab me over to him and undress me and examine me internally, ungloved.”

Thursday’s interview was the first time Evelyn Yang has spoken publicly about the alleged assault.

“I just kind of froze like a deer in headlights,” she said. “Just frozen. I knew it was happening. I remember trying to fix my eyes on a spot on the wall and just trying to avoid seeing his face as he was assaulting me, just waiting for it to be over.”

According to CNN, in court documents Hadden denied Yang’s allegations.

Source: NBC News

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