As America Mourns The Death Of George Floyd, More African Americans Are Being Killed

As America Mourns The Death Of George Floyd, More African Americans Are Being Killed


By Jack Kelly

For the eighth night in a row, protests were held honoring the cold-blooded killing of George Floyd. Once again, tragically large numbers of people, driven by motives unrelated to the peaceful marches, engaged in breaking into stores, stealing merchandise, committing random acts of senseless violence and destruction of property. 

Roughly 4,400 people have been arrested in cities across America. As of June 2, 2020, 11 deaths related to the demonstrations have been confirmed. Public health experts have expressed concerns that the large crowds, in over 75 cities, will lead to new transmissions of Covid-19. Dozens of reporters claim to have been targeted by police with violence. Countless people have been injured—many severely. This is not even the worst of it.

It’s heartbreaking that while America—and now the rest of the world—is mourning the death of Floyd and decrying systemic racism, a large number of African Americans were killed. They were innocent victims who lost their lives due to the violence perpetrated by people taking advantage of the protests. 

David Dorn, a beloved 77-year-old retired St. Louis police captain, who served 38 years on the force, was shot and killed by looters last night. David Dorn was left dead on the sidewalk in front of a burglarized pawn shop that he was helping to protect on behalf of a friend who owned it. The perpetrator, or one of their accomplices, streamed the killing on Facebook Live, which has since been taken down. St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch said Dorn was “bigger than life.” “He was a fun guy, a happy guy,” Fitch added. After retiring, Dorn became police chief of Moline Acres, a small town north of St. Louis.

53-year-old David McAtee was an African American man known for offering free meals to officers who stopped by. As local police and the National Guard sought to disperse a crowd early Monday, they heard gunshots and returned fire, killing the owner of a barbecue restaurant, David McAtee.   

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black EMT, was shot eight times and killed by narcotic detectives. The detectives, with a search warrant, went to Taylor’s home in Louisville. No drugs were found in the home.

In Indianapolis, 38-year-old African-American Chris Beaty, a former offensive lineman for Indiana University, fondly known as “Mr. Indianapolis” and a prominent businessman, was fatally shot during a protest. “I am at a loss for words,” Indiana coach Tom Allen said in a statement.

In the midst of protests in Omaha, Nebraska last weekend, a black man, James Scurlock, 22 years-old, was shot and killed by a bar owner after an altercation. The county Attorney’s Office determined that the shooter acted in self-defense and won’t face criminal charges, as he was  “defending himself.”

Italia Kelly, also 22-years old and a black woman, was shot dead Monday while leaving a protest outside a Walmart in Davenport, a city of 100,000 people across the Mississippi River from Illinois. Kelly and her friend were getting in their car to leave a protest that turned unruly. She was hit in the back by a bullet that went through her shoulder and chest, most likely killing her instantly. No arrests have been made.

Her aunt said of her, “She was always smiling, always laughing. That’s why it’s so sad that she was taken in such a violent way. Italia was the bright, bubbly big personality in the room.”

Dave Patrick Underwood, a black federal law enforcement officer, was providing security at the federal courthouse in Oakland during a protest. An unknown assailant fired gunshots from a vehicle. Underwood, 53, died from the wounds. Another officer was critically injured in the shooting. Underwood, on the behest of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service, was helping oversee a protest.

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