British VW drivers launch ‘dieselgate’ case in High Court

British VW drivers launch ‘dieselgate’ case in High Court

LONDON (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of British drivers on Monday accused Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) of fitting devices to cheat clean air laws at the start of the country’s biggest class action lawsuit brought to tackle “dieselgate”.

VW was caught using illegal software to cheat pollution tests in 2015, triggering a global backlash against diesel and numerous court cases around the world that have so far cost the German company 30 billion euros ($33 billion)

Volkswagen has said about 11 million cars worldwide – and 1.2 million in Britain – were fitted with software that cheated diesel emissions tests designed to limit noxious car fumes and carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution.

A hearing at the High Court is set to last for two weeks.


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