Chinese ambassador secretly recruited scientists, FBI says

Chinese ambassador secretly recruited scientists, FBI says

China’s ambassador in Washington and a Chinese diplomat in New York City secretly aided in the recruitment of scientists in the United States, according to the FBI.

An affidavit, filed in federal court last year and unsealed in April, gives a deeper look into China’s tactics as top U.S. officials have increasingly warned about Beijing’s espionage capabilities. The affidavit was first reported by the Daily Beast on Monday. The word “China” is almost entirely (and purposely) redacted from the court filing, though it does appear at least once, perhaps missed in the redaction process.

An FBI special agent who specializes in counterintelligence wrote in the affidavit that the bureau was investigating a scientist in Connecticut who was “knowingly and willfully working in the United States on behalf of government-controlled and government-directed entities … for the purpose of recruiting high-level molecular geneticists and stem cell researchers to work at state-controlled universities and laboratories in [China], and for the purpose of acquiring and transferring to those state-controlled universities and laboratories, cutting-edge molecular genetics and stem-cell research and technology developed at leading academic and private sector research platforms in the United States.”

Source: Washington Examiner

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