Despite Blowing Millions, Latest Poll Finds Billionaire Bloomberg “Wildly Unpopular”

Despite Blowing Millions, Latest Poll Finds Billionaire Bloomberg “Wildly Unpopular”

It turns out that Americans don’t want to “be like Mike” after all… the other Mike…

A Monmouth University poll found about twice as many registered voters rated Bloomberg negatively as positively — 54% unfavorable, 26% favorable. That margin was significantly worse than for five other Democratic candidates, as well as for President Trump, and as reports, that same measure hampered Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

And while Bloomberg garnered 5% support nationally for the Democratic nomination, narrowly higher than some other recent polls, the odds of him getting the nomination have been tumbling in the last two weeks

Which is incredibly ironic – as that’s when he started really ramping up his massive ad campaign

Since its launch last month, his campaign has spent more money on ads than all the top-polling Democrats combined and is simultaneously building out ground operations in 27 states.

“Bloomberg said he got into this race because he wants to defeat Trump, but his campaign kicks off with even lower ratings than the incumbent,” said Monmouth polling director Patrick Murray.

That is not the most auspicious start, but views of Bloomberg are not as deeply held as they are for Trump, so he has room to shift those opinions.”

Not making friends or influencing people…

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