Disney Has Struck Gold with “Baby Yoda”

Disney Has Struck Gold with “Baby Yoda”
This cuddly little character from Disney’s hit new streaming show is tugging on millions of hearts and wallets.

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) launched its much-anticipated Disney+ streaming service on Nov. 12, and the first 10 million who signed up were in for a surprise. The main action of Disney’s marquee show, The Mandalorian, is entertaining enough on its own, but one cute little character everyone is calling “Baby Yoda” (officially named the Child) has made Disney+ a huge success out of the gate.

The combination of good storytelling and an adorable character like Baby Yoda has made The Mandalorian the hottest streaming TV show available right now. Market researcher Parrot Analytics has found that The Mandalorian is 31.9 times more in demand than the average streaming show, and that it’s knocked Netflix‘s (NASDAQ:NFLX) Stranger Things off its top-ranking position.

Baby Yoda shines every time it appears in a scene. Disney knew the character was going to be popular with fans. So, not to miss an opportunity to cash in ahead of the holidays, the Disney store has been filled with apparel, accessories, and toy figures based on the Child.

Plush dolls from Hasbro and Mattel won’t make it to store shelves until next year. That could be more of a lost opportunity for the toymakers than for Disney, which stands to benefit this holiday from millions of people signing up for its new streaming service, not to mention the next $1-billion-film-in-waiting from the film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

How Baby Yoda fits into Disney’s business model

The return on investment that Disney generates across its entertainment brands is unrivaled. There is no way to quantify the returns a show like The Mandalorian will generate because the company’s financial benefit from a character like Baby Yoda will extend far beyond the monthly subscription fees for Disney+.

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