Dystopian Nation? Not Quite: Here’s Where America Is Doing Well

Dystopian Nation? Not Quite: Here’s Where America Is Doing Well

By Jack Kelly

Following the news lately can make it feel as if we’re living in a dark, dystopian nation. The alarming thought of a modern-day civil war arising between people over political differences, fear of foreign interference in our elections, an opioid epidemic, trade wars and other events frighten us into feeling that the best days are behind us.

Don’t despair just yet. There’s an old adage in the press, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Violence, anger and conflict entice people to watch cable news shows. They’re incentivized to sensationalize and blow things up way out of proportion to get viewers, which leads to larger ratings and substantial financial profits follow. Surprisingly, the statistics show that behind all the angry noise, America is doing fantastically well in many areas.

The following are just some of the many interesting facts that the news doesn’t always report on:

  • America is experiencing an historic, record-setting boom in job creation. Job growth has broken all time records, steadily adding new jobs each month for over 110 consecutive months. The amazing job growth started under former President Barack Obama and continues with President Donald Trump.
  • We are witnessing the longest bull market—hitting all time highs for over 121 months.
  • The unemployment rate is at the lowest point in 50 years.
  • Workers on the lower end of the compensation spectrum are experiencing the fastest growth in wage increases.
  • The unemployment rate for people of Hispanic origin has dropped to record-low levels. Similarly, black Americans are experiencing the lowest level of unemployment in history.
  • We have recently witnessed the most diverse class of lawmakers, including more women than ever before, sworn into the 116th Congress.
  • Burger King, the home of the meaty Whopper, did the impossible by partnering with Impossible Foods to offer vegetarian burgers to its customers. This helps usher in alternative plant-based options to people across the country.
  • The U.S. Women’s national soccer team won its second consecutive World Cup!

Ironically, these stats come from the Atlantic, in an article that presents the case that both political parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, don’t want to talk about all the good things that are actually happening in the U.S.

“For Democrats, the reason is pretty simple: Partisans are loath to cheer economic growth for fear of implicitly praising the president. For the GOP, the situation is slightly more complicated. Both the White House and congressional Republicans claim full credit for the economy all the time—a dubious argument, which elides the role of Barack Obama’s administration played in setting the economy on its trajectory.”

Imagine if the news focused on sharing positive news, instead of inciting hate, anger and cajoling us to fight with one another. Think how different things would be. We wouldn’t always be riled up, angry and hateful. Without all of the constant unrelenting negative angry news dividing us, the mood would positively shift. We could celebrate our victories and reasonably iron out our differences like civilized people.

Source: Forbes

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