FBI says Russian FaceApp is ‘potential counterintelligence threat’

FBI says Russian FaceApp is ‘potential counterintelligence threat’

The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers any mobile app developed in Russia to be a “potential counterintelligence threat,” it said on Monday, responding to a U.S. lawmaker’s query about face-editing photo app FaceApp.

The viral smartphone app saw a surge in popularity this year due to a filter that ages photos of users’ faces.

Concerns about its Russian provenance prompted the Democratic National Committee to warn the party’s 2020 presidential candidates against using it, as well as a call from Democratic U.S. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer for the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to conduct national security reviews.

There is no evidence that FaceApp provides user data to the Russian government. But the FBI, in a letter responding to Schumer, said Moscow’s ability to access communications directly via internet service providers makes any app built there risky.

FaceApp denies any wrongdoing.

Source: Reuters

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