Here’s How Can Help You Use The Pre-Holiday Season To Jump-Start Your Job Search!

Here’s How Can Help You Use The Pre-Holiday Season To Jump-Start Your Job Search!
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As we approach Thanksgiving Day, quickly followed by Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, hiring cools down and moves as slowly as you do after a 10-course turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day.  


From late November to New Year’s Day, people tend to prioritize family, friends and taking some needed time off to enjoy the holiday season. It’s become a tradition that—from late November to about the second week of January—we collectively coast. We’ll pretend to work and go through the motions, but—in reality—everyone is secretly watching Elf or vigilantly watching for Amazon’s special sales days.  


I’d like to offer a contrarian way to view this time period. Get a jump-start on your job search by starting right now. The majority of people, who would be your direct competitors, drift out of their job searches. You’ll have significantly less competition. Even if you are not so great, you will look like a rock star since there are fewer people around to be compared to. Also, if you start now, you will beat out the rush of people coming into the job market in a few months. By the time they get their act together, you’ve already made a lot of progress in your search—and might even have a job offer lined up.


Here’s how we can help you: start with joining Then check out our vast listings of top Recruiters. We have over 5,000 recruiters—and more added every day. These Recruiters specialize in every conceivable sector in all parts of the USA! Search for a recruiter that specializes in your specific profession, reach out and establish a rapport. You can partner up with as many recruiters as you’d like. 


Feel free to check out the career section that offers career and interviewing advice. You can also search for jobs and network with other members to find job leads, gain assistance and ideas.  


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Thank you!


Jack Kelly, CEO



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