How To Empower Yourself In The Job Search And Fight Back Against The AI Robots

How To Empower Yourself In The Job Search And Fight Back Against The AI Robots

There has been an alarming trend in the hiring process for companies to use and rely heavily upon technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated software, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS). While well-intentioned, this development has greatly harmed candidates in their job searches and lessened the chances for many people to get an interview or job offer.

How This Trend Took Over

It’s a complicated matter. There has been phenomenal growth in the proliferation and use of job aggregators, corporate career sites, Google for Jobs, LinkedIn’s easy apply feature, niche and old-school job sites and other online venues. Everyone has a smartphone, desktop, computer or tablet readily available at all times. The combination of the ubiquity of job listings and the easy means to apply to a job listing creates a scenario in which human resources and talent acquisition professionals are inundated with résumés. It is nearly impossible for them to review and respond to each and every résumé.

Most major corporations have deployed ATS platforms to screen and weed out résumés. They’re programmed to search for keywords that closely correlate with the job description. The goal is for the AI to match the candidate who possesses the required background, skills and experiences with the job. As anyone who has ever used technology, it doesn’t always work the way it was intended.

The Unintended Consequences

With the costs associated with purchasing systems, subscribing to services or building out a customized ATS, companies have balanced the costs by cutting down on their senior professionals involved with the hiring process. Many have been replaced by junior-level associates in cost-saving initiatives.

Source: Forbes

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