How To Reinvent Yourself And Succeed In The Face Of Layoffs And A Cruel, Unforgiving Job Market

How To Reinvent Yourself And Succeed In The Face Of Layoffs And A Cruel, Unforgiving Job Market

The economy and job market are rapidly changing with the swift adoption of technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, along with globalization and corporate ease in downsizing thousands of people, all in an effort to cut costs. These trends have severe repercussions for us all. These and other changes may place you in a situation where you are forced to reinvent yourself or pivot to another job or profession to remain relevant, marketable and desired.

In the last few months, I’ve written extensively about societal shifts, including uber-rich CEOs stepping down (willingly or pushed out of their cushy offices), top companies laying off thousands of employees and moving jobs to less expensive states and countries and automation fiercely displacing real-life people. The evidence is clear that this trend will only accelerate. It’s easy and comfortable to stay complacent, but I’d highly recommend that you start planning for reinventing yourself, even if you feel safe at the moment. If you’re the victim of a downsizing or your job isn’t as relevant as it once was, the skills you possess now seem antiquated and undesirable—it’s time to act right now.

The first thing you need to do is process and accept your situation. It’s surreal to have a career for 20 years. Then, one day you find yourself home flipping through daytime television in your pajamas on your couch. Change is brutally hard for many people. Even if you’re unhappy in your current position, you feel “at least I have a job and my colleagues are sort of okay.” It’s hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Our identities are intimately tied up with our jobs and careers. When it’s over, you’ll feel lost and adrift. You don’t know who you are any longer. The floodgate of emotions—feelings of depression, anger, bitterness and resentfulness—can be overwhelming.

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  1. <a href=''>Eric Nastri</a>

    Great article. It only gets harder as time goes by. With the news of the lowest unemployment of all time, you start to question yourself as do friends and family. I know I will eventually land a new job, but the disappointment and frustration only grows with each passing day. Stay positive and network!!!

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