How To Successfully Get A Great New Job In 2020

How To Successfully Get A Great New Job In 2020

By Jack Kelly

Let’s dispense with all the formalities: you want a new job because the one you currently have sucks and doesn’t pay what you’re worth. Your boss is an overbearing jerk, management doesn’t have a clue, job-cuts are looming and you are sick and tired of your coworkers.

You’ve reached the point where you want to scream when you wake up in the morning and throw your manager out of the window when you arrive at work. The screaming is cathartic and okay, but please don’t toss your boss out the window, it won’t work out well for either of you. Even worse, I’ll be an accessory since you’ll claim that I planted the seed of an idea in your head. It’s a mute point anyway as most new buildings have hermetically sealed windows that can’t be opened. So your supervisor will just bounce off of the window and it will be really awkward for everyone involved.

I do, however, have a better plan for you. Here are some more reasonable approaches to get a great new job in 2020. It’s hard to grasp that 2019 and the decade are almost over.

Before you do anything else, you need to get your head together. The way to do this is by creating and nurturing a healthy positive uplifting mindset. You need a confident motivating mental outlook to power you through the job search process.

It’s important to train your mind to think positively. It’s easier said than done. Start out small. As you go throughout your day, whether it’s related to the job search or not, push yourself to see the positive side of things. Instead of instinctively falling into the default mode thought process of complaining, criticizing yourself and succumbing to the fear of failure—reprogram your mind to counter these negative thoughts with positive ones.  This is an unending battle, even for the most successful people. Once you start making that change, your mood will improve, you’ll feel better, people will treat you nicer and your confidence will grow exponentially, which is mission critical for the interview process.

Start your search right now. Don’t procrastinate until the new year. January will soon become February then March and you’ll never get started. Consider today as the beginning of your new year—2019 is over and done with. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you made and how badly you screwed things up and pissed off everyone around you; this is your chance to start all over again with a fresh clean slate. There’s no looking back or regrets. While others are sitting on the sidelines waiting for divine intervention to improve their lives, you will be out in front of them hustling to improve your life by getting a new job.

Decide on your dream job and prepare a plan of action. Take incremental steps each and every day to reach your intended goal. There will be plenty of days that you don’t want to—do it anyway. Push yourself to do whatever it takes to find that new job and extricate yourself from your current position that you dislike. It may be a torturous slog at times, but it will be worth it in the long run. Be prepared, there will always be hurdles and roadblocks, but you will overcome them one at a time and keep moving forward.

Put in the time and effort to thoroughly research companies in your space. The more you know about the place that you are interviewing with, the greater the chances are that you will excel in the interview. By extensively researching the companies, you’ll also know which ones to avoid.

Scour LinkedIn for human resource personnel, recruiters, internal corporate recruiters and potential hiring managers to connect with. By viewing their profiles you can learn a lot about the types of people they hire and how frequently employees leave. You’ll notice when they post new jobs and can quickly respond. Feel free to send your new contacts a message about your interest in working at their company. Comment on their postings and get noticed.  them.

Take a fresh new look at your LinkedIn profile and résumé to ensure that it is positioned for the job that you desire. One catch-all résumé may not cover certain specific requirements that a job description requires. Create tailored versions of your résumé for each specific job that you apply for.

Your LinkedIn profile must be optimized so it’s easily found in searches. Think of how you run Google searches in your non-business life. The terms you use are highly fine-tuned to get the best results quickly. You need your LinkedIn profile to show up on the first page of listings when a recruiter or human resources person searches for a candidate in your field.

Recruiters are a little bored right about now. There are few newly released jobs coming out this time of year as companies are closing the books for the year-end and waiting for their 2020 budgets and approvals to hire. Use this quiet time to contact recruiters in your space who have connections with the kind of companies you would like to work for. Meet with them in person to get a good sense of whether or not they will work hard and champion your cause.

This is a good time to shamelessly plug my new startup venture WeCruitr is a crowdsourcing social media platform that connects job seekers with top recruiters in their respective fields. Candidates can easily search a large directory of experienced recruiters, contact them, seek their assistance and then have several solid recruiters assist you with your job search. You could also network with other WeCruitr members who are hiring managers and privy to job openings and peers who could offer advice and job leads.

Conduct searches on job sites to see if they have openings and submit your résumé. Don’t get disappointed if there are no answers. Internal recruiters are busy with end-of-year projects and waiting for directions regarding the new year. Even though they may not respond, at least your résumé is in front of them for when the wheels start moving again in the new year. Since the average person—unlike you— is wasting their time doing nothing, your résumé will gain their attention due to the lack of competition.

Ask around to see if you have friends or former colleagues who work at companies that you are interested in. Take the initiative, contact them and request their help to pull some strings to get you an interview. It sounds pushy but these are the things you need to do as jobs seldom fall into your lap. Consider this: what is one brief uncomfortable conversation compared to obtaining a job you love with more money and greater growth potential that will last your entire career?

Practice and polish your elevator pitch. If you are not familiar with this concept, it’s telling your story in an exciting compelling motivating manner concisely and succinctly. It’s like a great 30-second commercial that captures your rapt attention, and you probably repeat the tagline to your friends for the next few weeks. You’re going to have to be a salesperson. Work on how to sell yourself in the interview. Have someone listen and critique your style and approach. You want to tell the captivating story of what you do at your current job and why your skills and background are a perfect fit for this new position.

Use this time period for some homework. Read, learn and catch up on what’s going on in your industry, so that you’ll sound like an expert when you interview. It’s embarrassing and an interview-killer if there are significant things happening in your world and, when asked about them, you look like a panicked deer-in-the-headlights.

Purchase a sharp new interview wardrobe that is appropriate for the companies you are meeting with. If you are applying to a cool, hip tech company, casual attire is suitable, whereas if you are meeting with a stuffy and uptight bank, a proper boring blue suit is standard.

Avoid getting sucked into the holiday and post-holiday malaise of overeating, too much partying and lying around the house getting complacent and lazy. Seize control of your time and don’t let it dwindle away without taking action. Before you realize it, all of your competition will be in the marketplace and you want to get the jump on them.

These habits—if religiously followed every day—will make a world of a difference. Over time, this system will enable you to accumulate more knowledge about the job market, improve your mindset, increase your connections on LinkedIn, learn about new sites such as, enhance relationships with recruiters, grow your network and improve your interviewing skills.

It’s not even 2020 and you’re already prepared and boldly heading into the new year brimming with confidence. You will absolutely get that great new job.

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