Is China and the U.S. Government Telling us the Truth about the Coronavirus? The Graphic Pictures Leaked By Chinese Citizens Show That We Are Not Getting The Full Story

Is China and the U.S. Government Telling us the Truth about the Coronavirus? The Graphic Pictures Leaked By Chinese Citizens Show That We Are Not Getting The Full Story

By Jack Kelly 

There is a wide chasm of disconnect between the performance of the U.S. stock market, mass media’s coverage of the coronavirus and leaked reports by Chinese citizens of what’s really happening regarding the virus outbreak.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV started in the city of  Wuhan, China, which has a population of 11 million people. As a frame of reference, Wuhan is larger and more densely populated than New York City. It’s been reported that the city’s “wet markets”— which sell live animals, such as snakes, vermin, bats, dogs, cats and exotic species to shoppers for consumption—are the cause of the virus. Experts are highly skeptical. 

There are some who content that the outbreak is tied to a bio-weaponry lab that was breached. Others claim that lab workers illegally transferred infectious materials from Canada back to China illegally and it leaked out into the city. Indian doctors have claimed that the virus seemed engineered by Chinese scientists for unknown—but totally questionable—reasons. When there is an absence of reliable hard news, it’s easy for all sorts of rumors to run wild. The less the news adequately covers this matter, the more the hysteria grows and the greater the believability is that there is more to the story than just a virus.

So far, as of Monday, there are about 40,000 reported cases of the virus and 908 deaths related to coronavirus. The majority are in Wuhan and other surrounding cities in China. The virus has also claimed victims in about 30 other countries. The reports we do know about cite that cities are shut down. About 400 million people are quarantined and restricted in their movements. Travel to and from major hubs is prohibited. The outbreak is more severe than the SARs epidemic. People are desperately trying to get healthcare. Business are closed or operating on a limited basis. 

If you spend a few minutes on Twitter, you’ll find dozens of graphic pictures and videos of what life’s like in Wuhan—ground zero of the outbreak—and other major cities in China. Even if you allow for some fake videos or propaganda, the sheer number of visuals—that look and feel alarmingly real—has to make you wonder what’s really happening. Is China telling the true story? Does the U.S. know what’s going on?

The pictures show Chinese citizens being locked into their homes by armed police or military personnel. There is footage of people running away from the presumed authorities and brutally being rounded up by the police. You hear voices of confused and angry people screaming from their apartments for help. Victims of the virus are seen left lying dead on the streets. It looks like the Chinese government doesn’t have control over the situation—and when they are acting, it’s very heavy handed.

It doesn’t make sense how the U.S market can shrug this off. As companies are closed in China with workers staying home, it’s reasonable to conclude that production will either slow or grind to a halt. Due to America and other countries’ dependency on China for trade, it seems reasonable that businesses will be financially negatively impacted. They won’t receive needed parts in the supply chain. Products won’t be made or shipped. China will consume less. This could wreak havoc on the global economy, the security of jobs and possibly crush the stock market.

Shouldn’t our government look more closely into this outbreak before it’s too late?

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