Is The Coronavirus The Start Of A Zombie Apocalypse?

Is The Coronavirus The Start Of A Zombie Apocalypse?

I’m a sucker for a good dystopian apocalyptic zombie movie. There is something about watching and thinking, “What would happen if this really occurred?” I used to watch The Walking Dead, but bailed when it became too unrealistic. I know you’re thinking the whole premise is unrealistic. I’m referring to having obese people in a zombie apocalypse. How is it possible to have that much food when the supermarkets, pizza joints and McDonalds are shuttered? The characters’ hair, eyebrows and beards are immaculately sculpted. Their clothes are clean, well-fitting and stylish. Why would any woman wear hoop earrings in an apocalypse when you might have to fight a zombie at any moment?

This whole Coronavirus outbreak sounds like the intro to a dark end-of-the-world movie. Wuhan, China, a city with 11 million people—that nobody ever heard of—is the epicenter of patient zero. It’s been reported that about 18 people have died from the virus and hundreds have been stricken. The city is in lockdown. Travel to and from Wuhan has been halted indefinitely. There are long lines at the hospitals. Fear and frustration is mounting. New cases of the virus have spread to other parts of China, the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. People are being quarantined.

So far, there are no reports of zombies. We will keep you posted with new developments.


Democratic Presidential Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Hillary Clinton For $50 million.

Gabbard is a U.S. congresswoman from Hawaii and has served in the military. She was bullied by the mean boys and girls running against her because she’s anti-war and doesn’t seem to want to play ball with the others. 

A few months ago, Clinton, who is not the president, made a comment saying that one of the candidates running for high office is a Russian asset. It was a thinly veiled dig at Gabbard. On a side note, she surfs and sings while her husband plays the ukulele. But I digress. I guess it’s not a compliment nowadays to be called a “Russian asset” and it might make some voters think twice before voting for Gabbard.

It’s believed that Clinton held some resentment against her because she supported Bernie Sanders back in 2016—which seems like another world and life.

Speaking of Sanders, Hillary Clinton tweeted that she will strongly support the Democrats. Moments later, her support consisted of Clinton claiming that nobody likes Sanders and nobody wants to work with him. She didn’t go as far as saying he’s old, wears crumpled clothes and doesn’t comb his hair. A better takedown may have been posing the question of how a socialist can reconcile owning three homes, flying private jets and being a millionaire.


 Is This Ironic Or What?

Gazzilionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked. No, it wasn’t Russian hackers. Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who is worth a few billion bucks himself and goes by the street name “MBS” met up with Bezos to talk about doing some deals. Since the U.S. now has tons of oil and all of the cars will soon be electric, MBS is moving Saudia Arabia’s money into non-oil investments. In an array of U.S. businesses in an effort to diversify, the country and its ridiculously wealthy elite have funded a number of tech startups and investments. 

Rumor has it that MBS was not too pleased of the Washington Posts’ (one of the many properties that Bezos owns) coverage of that guy that got his body sawed up into pieces by some of our nice Saudi buddies. 

To send him a stern message, MBS had Bezos’ phone hacked. It looks like MBS is behind the salacious pictures of Bezos and his new girlfriend. The bromance between the two rich dudes ended, as did Bezos’ marriage—and he also lost about half of his fortune in the divorce.


This Is Sad 

According to a new study by health insurance company, Cigna, of 10,000 adults reports that more Americans are feeling more lonely than ever before. 

I bet that I could have done this study for a fraction of the cost. I don’t even need a study because I have two eyes and can see things. The world has changed. It used to be that people attended churches, synagogues, temples and houses of worship more frequently. There were clubs for men or women to attend on a regular basis. Where I grew up, the adults would sit around together and kibbitiz and gossip, especially about *that* neighbor who wasn’t there. There was a sense of community and belonging. 

The internet and social media, which was supposed to bring us all together, has the opposite effect. We feel more isolated than ever. We are split into different factions and tribes. We are afraid to say what we feel, as there will be online mob repercussions. 

The study shows that three in five Americans (I’m too lazy to figure out the percentage, but you can do it if you’re so inclined) are lonely, with more and more people reporting feeling like they are left out, poorly understood and lacking companionship. Workplace culture and conditions may contribute to Americans’ loneliness. And loneliness may be on the rise. The report found a 7% rise in loneliness since 2018, when the survey was first conducted. 

The report doesn’t include the current mood of society. Everyday, we’re assaulted by bad news. Young people worry about how they can ever pay back their student loans, purchase a home, get married and start a family. Their debt, plus the exorbitant cost of housing along with jobs that don’t pay so well, put them in a bad spot. Older folks are gravely concerned how they can ever retire. They fret about outliving the meager amount of money saved for retirement. The thought of working up until your 70’s is terrifying.

The mass media, especially cable news, screams about possible war with Iran, China or Russia. Our infrastructure is crumbling. The trains are always late and highways crowded. I could go on, but it’s just getting too depressing.

When we are dealing with a toxic cocktail of woes, people are not in the mindset to go outside of their cocoon homes and mingle with others. Most people just want to hide under the covers and bingewatch Netflix with a bottle of wine or some weed. They just want to be left alone and decompress.  

I’m not alarmed. These things change. The pendulum swings widely from one side to another. This is a stage we are going through as a nation and it can’t and won’t last forever. Something will happen that will pull us all together and unite. Then, the mood will pivot to the positive. Hopefully, this happens soon. 

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