‘It’s a freaking circus’: Unemployed Americans share tales of an overloaded system

‘It’s a freaking circus’: Unemployed Americans share tales of an overloaded system

M.B., a customer service representative at a major retail chain in Florida, has been furloughed since the beginning of April. And although M.B. applied for unemployment immediately upon being furloughed, the status of her application still says “pending.”

“On May 4, one month [after initially applying], I’m finally able to get another application through on the main website, which took at least an hour because of the site constantly crashing,” M.B., who asked that only her initials be used to protect her job, told Yahoo Finance. “It said in 72 hours to check back while they process my claim. My status did not change for a week!”

Adding to the resulting stress, M.B. is pregnant with her first child, and the money she had saved to care for her baby is now going towards paying her bills.

“I’m trying not to break down but it’s hard between my car payment/insurance, food, and phone — I barely have enough to cover my rent for this month and next month,” M.B. said. “I’m constantly checking the mail, my bank account, and the DEO website to see if I have some type of money coming through. I haven’t received a dime from state unemployment nor the $600 (stimulus check) from Trump.”

Americans like M.B. are finding that filing for unemployment hasn’t been an easy process amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than 38 million Americans have filed jobless claims in the last two months, and not all of these Americans have received the payments — even if they filed for them months ago.

Several Americans shared their unemployment claims process struggles with Yahoo Finance, along with documents to corroborate how their experiences played out. (We aren’t publishing their full names in order to protect them, as private citizens, from any form of harassment.)

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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