Klobuchar to drop out of 2020 campaign, endorse Biden

Klobuchar to drop out of 2020 campaign, endorse Biden

The Minnesota senator told staff she’s exiting a 2020 race that’s increasingly looking like a Sanders versus Biden contest.

Amy Klobuchar is ending her presidential campaign and will endorse Joe Biden later on Monday, according to a campaign aide, making her the third Democrat in three days to exit the race after Biden’s big win in the South Carolina primary.

Klobuchar is dropping out just before her home state, Minnesota, votes on Super Tuesday — paving the way for Biden to capture a greater share of moderate Democratic votes against Bernie Sanders, who gained momentum and took over the delegate lead in the primary after wins in New Hampshire and Nevada last month. Sanders’ surge and Biden’s resurgence also pushed Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer from the presidential race over the weekend, amid pressure from top Democrats to consolidate behind a Sanders alternative.

Klobuchar plans to travel to Dallas on Monday, where she’ll join the former vice president. At Biden’s rally, Klobuchar will announce that she’s suspending her campaign and throw her support to him. She informed Biden’s campaign Monday morning that she was quitting the race and endorsing him, according to a person on a call with campaign staffers in the afternoon.

Klobuchar told staffers about her plans to exit the race and endorse Biden on the call. She thanked them, noting that the campaign outperformed expectations in the 2020 race, according to a person on the call. Klobuchar told her aides that she wanted to get behind Biden quickly over fear that Sanders would lose badly to President Donald Trump if he won the Democratic nomination — something she raised in debates earlier this year.

Source: Politico

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