Last Night, Terror And Violence Reigned Again Across America As Criminals Hijacked The Peaceful Protests

Last Night, Terror And Violence Reigned Again Across America As Criminals Hijacked The Peaceful Protests



By Jack Kelly

Last night, we once again witnessed riots, looting, vandalism and senseless random acts of violence. It’s clear to anyone who’s paying attention that there are two different things happening, which leads to confusion. 

We have peaceful protestors who are mourning the killing of George Floyd by the police and calling for an end to systemic racism. Then, there’s a violent mob of people that includes Antifa and other groups who are using the guise of protests as cover for criminal and nefarious activities. 

Roughly 4,400 people have been arrested. At least 11 people have been killed. Scores of others have been injured—many seriously. Reporters and journalists are being attacked, as well as police officers harmed. 

Here’s what happened last night. Be prepared—this will break you. David Dorn, a beloved 77-year-old retired St. Louis police captain, who served 38 years on the force, was shot and killed by looters last night. David Dorn was left dead on the sidewalk in front of a burglarized pawn shop that he was helping to protect on behalf of a friend who owned it. 

The perpetrator, or one of their accomplices, streamed the killing on Facebook Live, which has since been taken down. St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch said Dorn was “bigger than life.” “He was a fun guy, a happy guy,” Fitch added. After retiring, Dorn became police chief of Moline Acres, a small town north of St. Louis.

 Out of a scene from a bad Hollywood blockbuster, a police officer was hit by a speeding car and sent flying in the air. Looters ransacked stores and had their stolen, ill-gotten gains taken away by other thieves, including this guy who had his stolen iMac taken by another criminal. Random acts of police brutality, including this scene in which passersby yell out to a group of cops to “‘Get your f*cking knee off his neck,” as an arresting police officer has his knee on a protestor’s neck. NYPD Officers were attacked by looters running out of the ZARA clothing store in Manhattan.

Two guys tried to bust open and a Chase Bank ATM, there were robberies of stores, eyewitness recounting a police shootout with a suspect, screaming for the person to “drop the fuckin gun!” Protestors trapped by police sang, “Move bitch, get out of the way.” In another part of New York, a large crowd chanted “De Blasio resign” and another group of protestors were trapped on the Brooklyn Bridge crying for help.  

In the midst of eight days of violence, theft, arson and defacing property, the clueless and arrogant New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press statement, “We do not need the National Guard to come into New York City. When outside armed forces come into communities, especially these intense situations they have not been trained for, that’s a dangerous scenario. We have 36,000 police officers who will keep this city safe.”

Social distancing and the curfews were thrown out the window, as there was an impromptu dance party at Central Park and a huge crowd on Burnside Bridge in Portland. Raleigh had a peaceful sit-in refusing to comply with orders from a police vehicle ordering them to obey curfew and disperse or face getting arrested. Protesters in Bethesda attend a woke sermon to “cry about their white guilt.” Not a single one of them was social distancing. Two weeks ago, the media would’ve called them terrorists. A crowd of predominantly white people chanted “take a knee” to a group of nonwhite Jersey City police officers. They declined and were booed by the crowd. A man in a wheelchair was brutally beaten in downtown Portland during the rioting and Elizabeth Warren marched with protesters in Washington, D.C.

On a positive note, other countries held protests in empathy with the United States. There were massive crowds protesting in Amsterdam, Paris and New Zealand—who performed the haka — to support fellow protestors in the United States.

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