Michael Bloomberg campaign offices across US spray-painted by vandals

Michael Bloomberg campaign offices across US spray-painted by vandals

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign offices across the country are getting defaced by vandals — which his office blames without evidence on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “hateful rhetoric.”

Chicago campaign workers for the former New York mayor woke up Monday to find the office spray-painted in large red letters with slurs including “racist,” “sexist,” and “oligarch,” The Chicago Sun-Times said.

At least six other offices have also been similarly tagged, including ones in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Utah, where windows were smashed, Bloomberg’s office then revealed.

Those attacks once again included the word “oligarch” — along with “eat the rich” and “corporate pig.”

Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey, damned it as “an act of hate” — directly blaming Sanders who has “repeatedly invoked this language,” specifically for using the slur “oligarch.”

“Sen. Sanders’ refusal to denounce these illegal acts is a sign of his inability to lead, and his willingness to condone and promote Trump-like rhetoric has no place in our politics,” Sheekey said in a statement.

“Fortunately, no one has been injured. But this needs to end before someone gets hurt.

“No one should have to live in fear of coming to work, and Sen. Sanders must call on his supporters — including his campaign staff — to elevate the discourse in this campaign and end their spread of hateful rhetoric.”

The Sanders campaign did not immediately respond to comment.

Source: NY Post

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