Mike Bloomberg Seemed Like A Savior For The Democrats—Now, It Looks Like He’s Spending His Billions Just To Spite Trump

Mike Bloomberg Seemed Like A Savior For The Democrats—Now, It Looks Like He’s Spending His Billions Just To Spite Trump

Michael Bloomberg likes to call himself “Mike” in political ads, so he can come across as a regular Boomer even though he’s the eighth-richest old guy, according to Forbes

Mike, or “Little Mike” as President Trump calls him, started his career in investment banking, then left to start Bloomberg L.P., a financial  information services platform. The eponymous Bloomberg terminals are ubiquitous on Wall Street. Every cool investment banker, trader (if there are any left who haven’t been replaced by artificial intelligence or some sort of electronic trading) and hedge bro needs at least one on their desk. It’s seen as a status symbol for many Wall Street players and wannabes. He served as the mayor of New York City for three terms, although only two terms are permitted. Somehow he talked his way into the third term, so you have to hand it to him—he’s a top schmoozer.  

Mike is 77 years-old and is one of the oldest white guys in the race. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is 78—although he looks 178— and former Vice President Joe Biden is the spry youngster at 76.

President Trump, age 73, diplomatically said about his potential adversary, “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.” Wikipedia lists Bloomberg as 5 feet and 8 inches tall (I believe they graciously added a couple of inches).

Initially, it looked like he would be perfect for the Democrats. Mike can boast that he has more money than Trump and built his business himself without the help of his daddy. Lil’ Mike comes across thoughtful, deliberate and reasonable. He also talks and acts like your annoying first grade teacher who lectures you about what you should say, how you should act, what foods to eat and everything else. Mike was known for running a “nanny-state government” and famously banned sugary, large sodas because he felt New Yorkers were too dumb to know that it is bad for them.  

It seemed likely that Bloomberg would be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Mike’s financial experience could educated the more radical, socialist-leaning crowd in his party. His stellar business bonafides are above reproach, except for a bunch of sexual harassment allegations against his company and the visceral hate some New Yorkers still have for his “stop and frisk” program.

The most important attribute Mike brings to the table is his boring personality. Who wouldn’t like a four-year ceasefire in all the political yelling and screaming we’ve had to endure?

Now, however, it’s getting a little confusing and concerning. Bloomberg has said that he is ready to spend his vast fortune to make Trump’s life miserable and get him out of office. “I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump,” Bloomberg told rival news organization Reuters. His advertisements are boring—at best—and pretty pathetic in general. 

Mike claims that he doesn’t care about winning, but just wants Trump out of the White House. Does this sound reasonable and logical? It feels a little like he’s a spoiled billionaire who is used to getting his way. Can we trust and vote for someone who is spending billions simply to spite someone he hates? 

I guess we will have a better understanding if Bloomberg makes it to the Democratic debate and we can hear his views and what he stands for.

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