Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Was Mocked And Angrily Ejected From A Rally…And Much More Of What Happened Over The Weekend

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Was Mocked And Angrily Ejected From A Rally…And Much More Of What Happened Over The Weekend


By Jack Kelly

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tried to show that he’s just one of the regular folks by dancing along with his constituents. This doesn’t bode well when the city is literally being destroyed. Sure enough, Frey, who’s been compared to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the boyish-good-looks department, was booed away from a rally because he didn’t agree to abolish the police department. He was told to “get the f*ck out of here,” met with a chant of “shame, shame, shame” and meekly walked away as they yelled “go home Jacob, go home!” Even crying more than anyone else at George Floyd’s funeral didn’t help the Democratic mayor.

With all of the footage on CNN, MSNBC and Fox showing burning cars, clearly intended to portray protesters a certain way, we also saw many scenes like this one though with protesters helping each other and supported by many local businesses.

Ivanka Trump weighed in with her own profound and heartfelt thoughts. In a crazy video address (that seemed more like a hostage reading) the First Daughter said, “I’ve found that my greatest personal growth has arisen from times of discomfort and uncertainty.” Her dad, President Donald Trump, was met with a much better reception when he came to Maine. Throngs of fans lined the streets to greet him. Speaking of Trump, who are the ragtag militia protecting him? Unmarked officers in riot gear holding protesters blocks away from the White House. No badges. No insignias. No name tags. Nothing.  

This weekend, we’ve seen peaceful protests, like this one in Jersey City, Rome, Canada, New York City and Los Angeles. A disturbing development was captured on video as a man drove his car into a #BlackLivesMatter protest in Seattle and shot a person through the window and fled the scene. 

Monuments of controversial figures from Europe’s colonial past in Africa have been torn down or vandalized as anti-racism protests spread across the world. States and businesses are opening up. Las Vegas looks to have drawn a large crowd. Pissed off neighborhood guys in Philly have taken matters and bats into their own hands in case violence erupts in their neighborhood. 

To cheer you up, here’s a touching video of a dad with his young daughter and a baby goat on a trampoline.



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