Now Is The Best Time Of Year To Start Your Job Search

Now Is The Best Time Of Year To Start Your Job Search

The beginning of January is the most opportune time of year to seek out a great new job. Whether you’re unhappy at work or just want to test the waters to ascertain if you can obtain a better, more well-paying job, this is the perfect moment to start your search.

There are instances in your career when you may feel it’s right to start looking for a new job. It could be when you feel stuck in a quagmire at work, layoffs have been announced, you’re not appreciated by management or are grossly underpaid. Your reasons may be valid; however, the timing may not be aligned with the current needs of the job market.

There are seasons and occasional time periods when it’s advantageous to seek out a new job. These stretches of time are prime for candidates, as everything converges to make it a job-seeker-friendly environment.

There is just something that feels natural and right about engaging in a job search during January. Looking for a new job fits in nicely with a person’s New Year’s resolution. Usually, people promise themselves that they will lose weight, stop smoking or drinking, go to the gym more often, stop complaining about the annoying boss and secure a new job.

Source: Forbes

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