Our Favorite Tweets From The Las Vegas Democratic Debate

Our Favorite Tweets From The Las Vegas Democratic Debate



After the 2016 presidential election, if feels like we as a nation have turned a corner—except the view hasn’t resembled anything remotely close to America the beautiful.

Since then, we have adopted an “us versus them” mentality, even when we’re fighting for the same side!

And with the upcoming 2020 presidential election, it feels like there is just no end in sight. You see headlines like “Democrats Divided” or “Tiny Hands Versus Tiny Man” (Just kidding—I made that one up).

Once upon a time, the only trolls we knew lived under a bridge. Now, they are keyboard warriors on Twitter.

If we can’t find resolution to all of the political in-fighting, let us at least seek solace in the entertainment that it has brought us all—it is our very own Theater of the Absurd.

We have no choice but to laugh, because our only other option would be to cry—and there is no crying when we have Cheeto spray tans to protect!

So, please enjoy our favorite tweets from the ninth Democratic debate, which took place in Las Vegas Nevada.


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