Peaceful Protests Hijacked Into Violent Rioting And Looting: *Warning: Graphic Photos*

Peaceful Protests Hijacked Into Violent Rioting And Looting:  *Warning: Graphic Photos*


By Jack Kelly

This weekend, we witnessed riots, looting, violence and mayhem in a large number of major U.S. cities, as the peaceful protests honoring the killing of George Floyd were hijacked into chaos and destruction.

Our leaders have proven that they are utterly incompetent and useless. There weren’t any comprehensive plans to avert the violence, destruction and burning of cities. The usually vocal President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer were disappointedly silent. They went missing in action at a time when the nation needed them most. 

The police, who are supposed to look after us, revealed a vicious and dangerous side, as they heavy-handedly abused people. It’s hard to completely blame them as feral Antifa animals swarmed innocent cities, vandalized and burnt down stores and created havoc. 

The mass media and politicians will soon spin the narrative for their own selfish reasons. Before Twitter takes down these videos, I’d like to share what really happened is an objective manner based upon actual videos taken by bystanders and participants in this dystopian, apocalyptic orgy of nihilistic destruction.

There were unrelenting random acts of violence as cities were looted and burned. Mayors, governors and Trump didn’t have a plan to look after their citizens and business owners. After the first night of violence, they should have prepared a rational response to protect the people they took an oath to serve, but they didn’t. There was no overall plan or strategy to keep the populations safe. Outnumbered, the heavily armed police turned violent and vicious. Rabid hordes of people broke into stores, looted and lit them on fire. Police, responding like an invading army, brutally cracked down on people indiscriminately. 

It’s clear that the protests morphed into mindless mayhem. Looters tried to break into a Wells Fargo ATM in Minneapolis. A black businessman cried in front of reporters, as he watched his business destroyed overnight. While the cameras were rolling, looters broke in once again and tried to steal his safe. An older black woman cried as she watched her neighborhood and stores destroyed and now has “nowhere to go.”

Chicago protesters looted stores. Rioters in Rochester, New York brutally assaulted a husband-and-wife couple, while vandalizing their small business. A feral mob viciously pummeled a store owner in Dallas who tried to protect his store. The video shows that they tried to murder him. The mob threw rocks at the man and hunted him down, then proceeded to beat, kick, curb stomp and stone him in the head. Lying on the floor unconscious, the mob picked his pockets. 

A CNN anchor just said on live TV that the riots in Minneapolis were “entirely peaceful” and a “merry caravan,” while protestors cursed and threw bottles at him. “They throw stuff at us, but not in a mean way,” reported Miguel Marquez. The American public has lost faith in the media, believing they don’t tell us the truth. An MSNBC journalist, reporting from the middle of the riot, said, “This is mostly a protest. It is not, generally speaking, unruly,” while a building is engulfed in flames behind him. At least they weren’t in Louisville, Kentucky. A reporter cried out in shock and panic as she was shot at by police officers. Police officers, drunk with power, arrested CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his film crew. Police claim the arrest was due to the reporter’s resistance to orders. The video clip indicates otherwise. Jimenez came across as respectful and cooperative. He politely asked the police where he should do his reporting.

 There are conspiracy theories abounding. Two young guys point to a pallet of bricks, randomly neatly stacked in front of expensive stores. There’s all sorts of rumors circulating that this may have been a coordinated event. Questions have been raised about a tall man dressed in black carrying an umbrella casually breaking windows of an AutoZone shop, which started the riots. Was the umbrella used to shield him from drone photos taken? He seemed to display the effortless ease associated with a trained military professional.

Rioters in Oakland, California smash the windows and destroy vehicles in a Mercedes Benz dealership. Demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd blocked Highway 101 in San Jose. Police shoved a protestor to the ground in New York. A woman in Baltimore slugs a cop with a solid one-two punch. The cop’s stunned and another police officer knocks out the woman with one punch to the head.

A woman screams as she’s thrown to the ground by a group of cops. Houston authorities say multiple people were arrested after throwing rocks and slime at police vehicles. NYPD viciously pushes a 90-pound woman to the ground in Brooklyn and casually walks away. Police get pretty rough as they push protestors, including knocking a slight woman to the ground.

We’re seeing random acts of havoc, like this one on the Los Angeles freeway along with weird and wild behavior in Houston. The NYPD didn’t handle matters in a restrained manner, pummeling people with batons. It looks like one police officer got knocked out after throwing a man’s phone away. Here’s some more NYPD goon tactics that happened in Philadelphia too 

A mob of rioters surround a group of police officers, drag them through the streets before a group of protesters surround and protect the officers. In a height of insanity, a man got out of his truck and took out a bow and arrow to ward off aggressors, who later overwhelmed him.

Video shows glass being broken and CNN’s logo being defaced outside of its Atlanta HQ. A CNN report seems surprised that, after sowing the seeds of racial outrage for the last three years, the protestors turned their rage on the network. The news reader seems incredulous that the protestors had the temerity to write graffiti on the entrance to the CNN headquarters

In the midst of mayhem and despair, there were moments when voices of reason spoke out and offered hope. The Mayor of Atlanta gave a passionate, emotional speech. She cited concerns of how the rioters were not protesting and hurting the residents and business owners of Atlanta, many of whom are black. She told outsiders who came to agitate conflict should “go home.” “This is chaos and won’t change anything!” A group of volunteers in Minneapolis helped neighbors clean up business damage

The Secret Service is pushing back protesters outside of the White House after demonstrators broke barricades. The White House is on lockdown, as the press is being told to stay inside.

Trump tweeted, “Great job last night at the White House by the U.S. Secret Service. They were not only totally professional, but very cool. I was inside, watched every move, and couldn’t have felt more safe.” He wrote, “They let the ‘protesters’ scream & rant as much as they wanted, but whenever someone got too frisky or out of line, they would quickly come down on them, hard- didn’t know what hit them.”

We’ve created a toxic environment that has led to the devastating conflagration that we saw in Minneapolis. In hindsight, the signs were obvious that we were headed into disaster. The Covid-19 pandemic swept through the United States claiming 100,000 lives. American citizens were ordered to stay at home and businesses arbitrarily deemed as nonessential were made to close down. Within a span of just a couple of months, 40 million Americans lost their jobs, with little prospects of finding a new one anytime soon. 

We’ve had too much time at home without jobs, worried about paying bills and needing to care for children and sick family members. Our elected officials and petty, tyrannical government bureaucrats took delight in their newfound power. The self-anointed arbiters of whether you could go to a beach, get a haircut or walk in the park with your child were inconsistent and capricious in their edicts.

The mass media whips up a frenzy of fear and hate turning people against each other. When the owner of a hair salon in Texas had the temerity to open, with all of the appropriate protocols in place, she was brought before a judge who used his authority to make her grovel for forgiveness. Refusing, she claimed that she had to feed her children and, without opening, they’d be destitute. The judge ordered her to jail. 

When an African-American was approached by police in Minneapolis, a police officer with a checkered past, put his knee on the man’s neck and, with all of his weight, he killed George Floyd. Four Minneapolis police officers involved in Floyd’s death have been fired. Floyd’s family says that this isn’t enough and demands that they be charged with murder.

We created a powder keg that blew up. Minnestotans protested, while the police force that looked like an army ready to attack menacingly stood guard. One thing led to another and the city erupted in flames. At the same time, media stirs racial tensions and social media shows how the one percent live lavishly. It’s a toxic mix that blew up.

This is a dark time in America. We’re consumed with hate, anger and rage without solutions in sight.  


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