Personalization among top 2020 beverage trends

Personalization among top 2020 beverage trends

NILES, ILL. — Beverage nutrition is going back to the basics, according to Imbibe’s newly released 2020 trend predictions. The Chicago-based beverage development company expects more companies will incorporate well known nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, in the year ahead.

“We’ve seen novel ingredients be incorporated into products, but they aren’t necessarily taking off in the mainstream,” said Holly McHugh, marketing associate at Imbibe. “I think familiarity is something brands are going to look for.”

The first R.-T.-D. beverage from Huel, Los Angeles, contains more than 27 familiar vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorous, and eight different vitamins. The “nutritionally complete” beverages are available in berry, vanilla and chocolate flavors and contain 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving.

Interest in brain-healthy nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids and other fatty acids, also is on the rise.

“We’re starting to see omega-3s being called out, I think because of the focus on cognitive health,” Ms. McHugh said. “They’re also a healthy fat, and there isn’t this war on fat anymore.”


Source: Food Business News

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