Reinventing Yourself After A Job Loss

Reinventing Yourself After A Job Loss

The devastating unemployment numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic may signify only the beginning of the pain for the newly jobless workers. If you’ve lost your job or will, how can you pick up the pieces?

Based on my experience after my layoff in 2013 from my dream job in journalism (a media columnist), a career reinvention —and a healing process — starts with working on your self-image and how well you can project it.

I can empathize in a big way with anyone now worrying about an uncertain future. I’ve been there. Yet today, seven years after becoming unemployed in my late 50s, following more than three decades as a journalist, I actually feel like a winner.

My Job Loss: A Lucky Break

In fact, as crazy as this may sound, I can honestly say that my layoff proved to be one of the luckiest breaks I was ever dealt.

Source: Forbes

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