Resume writing tips to consider when refreshing or drafting a new CV

Resume writing tips to consider when refreshing or drafting a new CV

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on communities and economies around the globe, millions remain unemployed due to the pandemic and economic uncertainty. Moving forward, many people around the country will need to update their resumes in preparation for the application and hiring process. We spoke with Master Instructor Ken Underhill at the career development and cybersecurity training company Cybrary to discuss tips for writing a resume and common applicant mistakes. We’ve listed some of these top resume writing tips and other insights below.

Keep it simple

A resume is an applicant’s first chance to make a lasting impression. Unfortunately, this window of opportunity is historically limited. It’s been estimated that hiring managers typically spend about seven seconds looking over a resume. For this reasoning, it’s important to provide as much crucial information as possible with brevity in mind. Underhill reiterated this logic and highlighted formatting tips to help strategically compartmentalize this information.

“We need to hook them and then pull them into reading everything else about it. So, it could be a sentence. It could be a couple of bullet points, but it definitely shouldn’t be like 24 bullet points they’re having to look through,” Underhill said.

Source: TechRepublic

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