Over the years, I’ve dealt with people brimming with confidence and have seen the upward trajectory of their careers. Here’s what confident people do and say. You can incorporate this into your own life. At first, you may have to do a little “fake it til you make it” until the confidence kicks in for real.

  • Confident people will come up with solutions not complaints. They’ll say “I’ll figure it out” instead of “this can’t be done.” They possess the positive mindset to think of solutions and answers to problems. Rather than looking for excuses, these progressive people work toward achieving their goals with gusto and enthusiasm.
  • They also act with clarity, purpose and bring an element of excitement. This, in turn, attracts others to join aboard, which will further accelerate their chances of success. Inwardly, they may be a little frightened and harbor some doubts, but they persevere despite these feelings.
  • When things go wrong—and invariably they always do—confident people don’t get angry, fly off the handle and blame others. They own up to their mistakes, pick themselves up and start up all over again. They’ll assess what they did wrong and figure out how they can improve. Temporary setbacks don’t define them. They recognize that failing is part of the game, learn from it and make the necessary changes to ensure they don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • Confident people chart their own course and destiny without being preoccupied over what others think of them. They possess an attitude of anything is possible. There’s no limit to what they can accomplish when they put their mind and actions to it.
  • People who are confident don’t seek outside permission or approval to validate their value. There’s no need for them to waste time arguing with those who hold opposing opinions. They are comfortable with their ideas and don’t need everyone to agree with them.
  • Self-assured people are open-minded to new ideas and not wedded to standard operating procedures. They’re willing to take bold chances and try new things. This could be pivoting to a new career, reinventing themselves or starting a business.
  • Confident people will listen and learn from people with different ideas. They’ll read all they can about things that could potentially impact their job and career.
  • Bold people aren’t afraid to say that they don’t have an answer and ask for help when they need it. They reciprocate by mentoring and lifting up others. You’ll notice that intrepid people speak with authority, calmness and enthusiasm. There’s no trash talking or demeaning others. They  understand that there will be conflicts, setbacks and haters, but that won’t intimidate them.

If you work on cultivating these traits, you’ll quickly notice the difference in how people respond to you. Interviewers, managers and colleagues will see you in a more positive light. People will be attracted to you, as they want to align with someone who is destined for success. New and better responsibilities will be delegated to you. You’ll notice that you’re nailing interviews. This will imbibe you with true self-confidence and your fortunes will vastly improve.