Six Ways Smart, Successful People Use The Long Memorial Day Weekend To Get Ahead

Six Ways Smart, Successful People Use The Long Memorial Day Weekend To Get Ahead

I’ve read a lot about highly successful people. The one common thing they all share is that they tend do things differently than most. Rarely do successful people ever seek out the easy path. Instead, they take the tenacious road less traveled. This upcoming Memorial Day weekend is a prime example of what successful people do differently to propel themselves even higher.

In addition to reading about trailblazers, I’ve interviewed hundreds of individuals with very lucrative careers. Here are some of my takeaways about the weekend habits of highly successful people that help them get ahead.

1. They’ll forgo the comfort of sitting on the couch for hours—or days—just surfing the internet and binge-watching television. Successful people will dedicate a chunk of time to reading. Prosperous professionals are voracious readers. Vacuous read-at-the-beach stuff is not for them. They will go out of their way to find and read educational articles, books, blogs and newsletters to open up their minds to new ideas and help them advance in their careers. They read to gain differing opinions, increase their intelligence and become more well-rounded individuals.

2. We all procrastinate and put work aside—and it builds up. Then, as a direct result, we will feel as if we’re on a hamster wheel, unable to catch up. High achievers utilize the long weekend to both catch up and get ahead with their work and responsibilities. One dedicated afternoon without any interruptions equals a couple of days in the office.

3. Smart and focused people don’t allow for time to just drift by and expect things to happen for them. They make their own breaks in life. The extra long weekend is the perfect time for them to think about and focus on their short-term goals for the summer. But thinking isn’t enough. They map out a clear and actionable strategy to achieve these goals, by writing them down and immediately commence acting upon them.

Source: Forbes



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