Some gig workers are getting $0 in unemployment benefits

Some gig workers are getting $0 in unemployment benefits
  • Independent contractors and other self-employed workers have been confused and frustrated by a challenging and confusing process of applying for unemployment benefits.
  • Uber drivers and others in California got unemployment award statements saying they’re entitled to $0 in benefits.
  • For others, that may not be the case.

Some gig workers may be scratching their heads at what, for many, has become a roundabout process to get unemployment benefits.

In yet another wrinkle, California is issuing letters to gig workers who applied for unemployment benefits indicating that they are entitled to $0.

For some, like Ismael Perez, who made about $60,000 last year as a full-time Uber and Lyft driver, the letter was confusing.

“When I got the [unemployment] award letter, all it said was ‘zero’ everywhere,” said Perez, 42, who lives in La Habra Heights, California, a city in Los Angeles County.

Source: CNBC

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