The 5 most compelling resume action words

The 5 most compelling resume action words

Resumes aren’t a new feature of landing a job or tracking your professional milestones. They are, however, often outdated, boring or ineffective in helping you snag the dream gig you want (and deserve). Much like trends across each industry shift each year, a resume should be a living-breathing document that’s frequently updated as you gain new skills, take on more responsibility, and other feats. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your resume is to think carefully about the language you use to describe your successes. Most of the time resumes take a passive voice, rather than an active one. While this isn’t inaccurate, it’s not exactly exciting. That’s why career experts recommended a strategic edit, using these compelling verbs:


Say you took on an additional project when your workload probably didn’t allow it. Or, you decided to lead a new development within the company and executed to success. Executive career coach Elizabeth Pearson says most professionals use ‘led’ or ‘managed’ to describe anytime they illustrated leadership within their work. These verbs are true, but a better alternative is ‘championed.’ And nope, you don’t have to be a member of Queen to consider yourself a champion, rather, you have to be self-motivated. “The word ‘champion’ is inherently positive, and subtlety associates the word with you — and before you know it, the hiring manager that will see you as the champion,”  she adds.


-Championed launch of the marketing department’s new advertising campaign.

-Championed the development of our strategic plan for 2020.

-Championed the company’s involvement and participation in an international finance conference.

Source: The Ladders

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