The ‘psychedelics coach’ with drug-fuelled career advice

The ‘psychedelics coach’ with drug-fuelled career advice

Following the popularity of ‘microdosing’ psychedelics to improve productivity, some are turning to these substances for career clarity.

Paul Austin and Matt Gillespie are trying to retrace their steps along a path shrouded by redwood trees.

All things considered, the conditions for being lost in the forest are pretty ideal: there’s still about an hour of daylight left, and the weather is unusually pleasant for December in Oakland, California.

Plus, the two 29-year-olds are in noticeably good spirits. Austin, a psychedelics coach, feels confident his guidance helped his client, Gillespie, make some real progress today. And Gillespie, brushing his palm across a tree as he takes another muddy step forward, seems all but concerned about the unplanned detour.

“How often do you let yourself get lost?” he asks. It’s tough to tell if Gillespie is really that enchanted by the redwoods around him – or if he’s still feeling the dose of psychedelic drugs he took a few hours back.

Source: BBC

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