This Is Tragic And Heartbreaking

This Is Tragic And Heartbreaking

Hey, listen. If you think you had a bad day or some bad luck, just shut up and be happy. You don’t know about bad luck.

The other day, we were all watching with fear as Iran was launching missiles at army bases in Iraq that housed U.S. troops. This may surprise you, but the media and online geniuses trumped up (pun intended) this news to make it sound like we were heading into World War III. 

Some sober people questioned how 15-plus missiles could miss their intended targets and no one was killed or injured. It’s still up in the air as to whether this was all a setup. The U.S. was given a heads-up before the bombings to get their soldiers out of harms way and Iran was able to beat their chests and say that they attacked the U.S.—in response to our assassinating their top psychopathic-terrorist general.

But this is not the story I’m referring to. In the midst of shelling, a random Ukrainian plane blew up. The jet was made by Boeing. So, of course, we figured it was just another software malfunction killing another 100-plus passengers due to the executives of the company allegedly looking the other way on safety issues.

Now, it’s being reported by CNN and others that Iran may have mistakenly shot down the plane. This would, of course, make the folks at Boeing happy. As of this time, Iran refused to give the U.S. access to the blackbox, which would provide evidence as to what happened. If they didn’t have anything to worry about, why wouldn’t they give up the box to show that they didn’t screw up and blow up the wrong thing? 

For the passengers aboard the plane and their families and friends, it’s devastating, heartbreaking, horrific and brutal news—no matter how it happened. It shows how precious and precarious life is. You are on the wrong plane at the wrong time and it’s all over. 

I didn’t mean to be mean in the opening sentence. It’s just that we should appreciate everything we have while we’re here. Life is short and fleeting and could end at any time. We need to stop worrying and complaining about the little things. We need to love and care more about each other. As bad as our day may be, we are still here and have a chance to do some good in this world. Events like this tragedy are a sober reminder to cherish those around you and appreciate everything you have in your life.

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