Today Was A Great Way To End A Terrible, No-Good, Awful, Dreadful, Heartbreaking Week

Today Was A Great Way To End A Terrible, No-Good, Awful, Dreadful, Heartbreaking Week


By Jack Kelly

This morning the Department of Labor delivered much-needed good news. D.O.L’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an amazing, record-setting increase in employment, as 2.5 million jobs were added in the month of May. This was the biggest one-month job increase in recent United States history. The stock market roared up 1,000 points at the time I was writing this.

After months of bad news, fear and distress, this may be the turning point where America starts working again. Despite all of the negatives, we’re seeing rays of hope. Racial injustices have been brought to the forefront and most Americans and corporations seem to be in agreement that positive changes need to be enacted. Cracks in our economy and government have been exposed and now we have the chance to work on fixing them. 

Working from home is becoming a new reality. We’ve reinvented our space program as Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launched its first private-sector American crew into orbit.  

When things start looking positive, it builds upon itself. Inspired by the unexpected increase in jobs and a strong stock market, companies that were in a holding pattern may start new business lines. Hiring could pick up as confidence is improving. Workers going back to work will spend, which will help stimulate the economy. There’s also talk of additional government-backed stimulus packages, which will help push the economy and job market forward.

It hasn’t all been good news. Sometimes, Americans are losing their f’n minds. A middle-aged bicyclist menacingly approached a young girl in a park. She was innocently handing out flyers in support of George Floyd and peaceful protests. The alleged maniac angrily ripped the posters out of her hand, while her mother shrieked in horror. The guy then attacked and tried to run over the mom, parent or whomever was filming with his bike. Authorities have put out an alert for citizens to try and find him.

Speaking of authorities, it’s been painful to see our elected leaders go missing this week. Usually, we can’t get rid of them. They’re all over television and cable news, yapping about everything, while knowing nothing. 

This week, when we needed them the most, we learned that our government, state and local officials are incompetent—at best—and corrupt—at worst. We actually need them for once. Peaceful protests were infiltrated by people not down with the cause, but intent on causing trouble. As our great cities were destroyed and literally lit on fire, our political elites pulled a Houdini and disappeared. 

The rioters and Antifa—unrelated to the peaceful protestors—hijacked the movement. They engaged in looting, riots, violence, lighting fires, destroying property and creating havoc. You can see the graphic, reprehensible activities captured in videos and photos here, here, here and here,

We understand that policing hordes of violent, angry rioters is about one of the most toughest jobs in the world, but sadly the actions of a number of cops were shameful and greatly harmed the reputation of police officers everywhere. 

A random selection of videos found on Twitter show a Sacramento police officer holding 18-year-old Tyzhon Johnson in a choke hold, saying he couldn’t breathe. About 10 police officers beat down a woman. A 14-year-old girl was punched relentlessly by a cop.  

A police canine bit the arm of a man held down in handcuffs. A police officer in Buffalo, New York pushed an elderly man to the ground for no reason. He was knocked out cold and there was a pool of blood around his head. Dozens of police officers walk right past him. BPD initially tried to claim the old man had tripped and fell, but video evidence proved otherwise. Seven cops kept tasing a woman. A group of cops in Tampa beat on a woman and pepper sprayed onlookers. In Fairfax, Virginia, a police officer was swinging his baton like a Major League Baseball player going for home-run swings. On the lighter side, Miami’s bicycle police dudes do look sort-of dorky, though.

Let’s end the day with some more good news. The NBA board of governors voted Thursday to approve a 22-team format to restart the 2019-20 basketball season July 31 in Orlando, Florida.  

As an 8-year-old boy, George Floyd had dreams of impacting the world and ensuring justice for Americans. Waynel Sexton, Floyd’s second grade teacher, had held onto and now shared an essay written by Floyd in elementary school. The assignment, written during Black History Month, called for students to answer, “How will you impact the future? What will you do to make a difference?” Young Floyd expressed his dream of becoming a justice of the highest court.

In case you were worried about how multibillionaires are holding up through all of this turmoil, you don’t have to fret. U.S. billionaires have become $565 billion richer since the Covid-19 pandemic started. The total wealth for billionaires now stands at $3.5 trillion. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos alone is worth $36.2 billion more than he was before the outbreak.

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