We’d Like to Help you Find A New Job, Improve Your Career And Lead the Life You Always Wanted!

We’d Like to Help you Find A New Job, Improve Your Career And Lead the Life You Always Wanted!


By Jack Kelly

With over 51 million Americans out of work and in the midst of a pandemic, plus the usual summertime slowdown, we’d like to help you with your efforts to find a new job, improve your career and lead the life you always wanted! 

Here’s some insightful pieces to get you started!

Don’t Let The Summer Slowdown Stop Your Job SearchStart Being Aggressive!

Traditionally, the Fourth of July holiday weekend has always been considered the start of vacation season. People would bolt out of the office early Friday afternoon or take three-day weekends at the beach. As July turned into August, folks would take their two weeks off. The interviewing and hiring process would slowly grind to a halt. By mid-to-late August, even during the hottest job markets, it would be tough—nearly impossible—to get anything accomplished.

Forget all about how it used to be. Most people will blindly follow the old path and discontinue their job search out of habit. They’ll say to themselves that nothing’s going to happen, as everyone will be away until September. In light of the unrelenting series of bad news and events brought about in 2020, a majority of job seekers may pause their search and hope that things will turn around once the summer is over.

You have the unique opportunity to stand out and get noticed, as people absentmindedly pull out of their job searches. With less competition, take this opportunity to step up your interviewing game. As people take themselves out of the job market, your chances improve. This is what you should do next…click here for the full story.

‘Why Do You Want This Job?’ Is A Trick Question—Here Is How To Intelligently Answer It

As an interviewee, you want to get the “Why do you want this job?” question. Compared to all of the other challenging brain teaser questions, this is the best one to use to your advantage—if you handle it the right way. At the most basic level, an employer seeks to learn about the job seeker’s motivation to interview for a specific job. The manager desires to investigate if the applicant truly desires this position. 

She also wants to determine if he is merely seeking out any old job, running away from a bad situation at his current employer, solely cares about the compensation or is selfishly desirous of the prestige associated with having the company’s name on his résumé and LinkedIn profile.  

When an interviewer asks why you would like this particular role, she is really saying, “Here’s your chance to sell me on why you’re the right person for this position.” 

By framing the question in this fashion, you now have an understanding of how to craft an answer. This is the time to ….read the rest here.

You don’t have to go it alone. It’s Time To Crowdsource Your Job Search

There’s no longer a need to embark upon your job search alone. Think of it as a group effort and leverage all of your resources. It’s time to crowdsource your job search. Enlist as many people as you could think of. This includes family, friends, college alumni, former co-workers, business associates, kids you grew up with, members of organizations you belong to and people you met at various functions. If they don’t have any solid leads, politely and persistently ask them to point you to someone that they know who may get you in front of the right person.

Before you start actively searching, pay close attention to…read here.

First, the not-so-good news. The United States Department of Labor announced that over 1.3 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims last week. This report marks the 17th consecutive week of 1-million-plus unemployment claims. About 51 million people have filed for unemployment benefits since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This doesn’t include the millions of others who’ve finished collecting benefits, given up looking for a job or have reluctantly taken a position far below their prior compensation level just to make ends meet. 

Now, all we ever hear about is the data behind the jobs crisis. However, we hardly ever hear the personalized stories of the Americans behind the statistics. Here are some of the awesome stories and testimonies of the intrepid people who are gallantly trying to find a new job against all odds during this very unforgiving job market.

Okay, before you start your job search, take a deep breath and don’t panic. You can and will find a new job! It could be next week, next month or six months from now, but it will happen. Looking for a new job is now your full-time job. You’ll need to attack it strategically and intelligently with consistency and steely determination. Here’s some smart, helpful advice from 15 career experts to get you started. We also have some more, actionable advice from top LinkedIn career And job search professionals…read the full article.  While we’re on a roll, I’d like to give you our CliffNotes version of Your Guide To Getting A New Job

Let’s not allow a stupid freakin pandemic to stand in our way of moving forward with our lives and careers!

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