We’re working an extra ’28 hours per month’ in lockdown

We’re working an extra ’28 hours per month’ in lockdown

New research has revealed how working from home during the global pandemic is impacting our mental health.

Many people who are WFH are now working much longer hours than normal – with people on average, clocking up a huge 28 hours of overtime per month.

The study, commissioned by LinkedIn in partnership with The Mental Health foundation, found that 56% are feeling more anxious or stressed, 24% are struggling with their mental health and nearly a third (31%) are having difficulty sleeping.

Almost half (47%) have faked being busy while working from home as they fear they may lose their job if they’re not.

The research surveyed 2,000 UK adults who are currently working from home due to Coronavirus. They found that the blurring of lines between work time and home time is making it more difficult for people to switch off.

The research revealed that a quarter (25%) feel pressured to respond more quickly and be available online for longer than they normally would, with one in eight (12%) now signing in before 7 am and 18% still working after 7 pm.

Researchers worry that the increase in working hours coupled with the uncertainty around future job security could lead people towards burnout.

‘Burnout, which is caused by unmanaged chronic workplace stress, is a modern phenomenon that poses a huge risk to our physical and mental health,’ says Chris O’Sullivan from the Mental Health Foundation.

Source: Metro UK

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