We’ve Descended Into Violence, Chaos And Mayhem

We’ve Descended Into Violence, Chaos And Mayhem


By Jack Kelly

The peaceful protests are now being overshadowed. People with bad intent have co-opted the horrific killing of George Floyd by a police officer for their own agendas. Let’s be clear, this is not part of the legitimate peaceful protests. These actions are being carried out by people trying to use this terrible situation for their own purposes. In New York City and other large cities across the nation, hordes of criminals have engaged in violence, looting, vandalism and random vicious acts of mayhem, even fighting among themselves.  

The videos are hard to watch. Retail stores have been broken into with throngs of people stealing all of their stuff. Buildings are set on fire and innocent people have been set upon with violence. Times Square, the epicenter of tourism for New York, looked as if it was attacked by enemy forces.  Rioters blew up an ATM machine in Philadelphia. A man, in good physical shape, attempted to ward off looters from his shop. He was met with a swarm of violent people pummeling him.

Our elected officials are supposed to look out for us, but they’re not. There is anarchy. The police seem completely overwhelmed and incapable of stemming the riots. When they act, it’s with malice and brutality. Police in Grand Rapids fired a tear gas canister right in the face of an unarmed man right after they maced him. A cop places a weapon into the hands of a person to enable the officer to physically harm the man.

President Donald Trump disappointed even his most ardent supporters, as he was glaringly absent from visibility. It was reported that Trump was brought down to a bunker underneath the White House. We hear from him all of the time, through Twitter or updates on television. When we really needed a leader, sadly, he disappeared. There’s speculation that this was purposeful. The cities that sustained the most damage and wanton activities are run by Democratic leaders. His strategy may have been to allow everything to get burned and destroyed, so that he could campaign with the premise that the cities were literally destroyed under their poor management, so people should now vote for him.

He emerged from the White House to St. John’s Church—which was torched—Monday evening in a Reservoir-Dogs-style swagger. The president held up a Bible upside down and backwards in front of the boarded up church and announced that he’s calling in the National Guard and Army as city mayors and governors can’t handle this on their own. This was what it looked like when the police aggressively cleared the way with “dominance” for his photo op: tear gas and flash grenades were deployed to push out peaceful protesters

This will not end well. Law-abiding citizens have lost their faith and trust in the government and media. We’ve been told to shut down businesses, shelter in place at home, wear masks and we complied. Now, we watch curfews set and people bent on destruction run wild.

When the police react like they did in Buffalo, New York, it seems unplanned and chaotic. Police officers are set upon by rioters, unafraid of the consequences. Policemen and the National Guard seem to be shooting civilians on their own property yelling “Light them up!” In Philadelphia, people were herded into a dead end and caught in the crossfire of tear gas. On live television, a reporter tried to flag down a police car to help stop a burglary of a shop to no avail. When police finally arrived, they disregarded the reporter and immediately proceeded to mistakenly arrest the store owners.

You’ll notice there are few people social distancing or wearing masks. Shouldn’t that alone require the police to have taken immediate action? By not doing so, they’re showing that either they’ve been lying about what was needed to battle the Covid-19 outbreak or they’re allowing the pandemic to massively spread. These folks will infect the other looters who will bring it back to their families and neighbors—presumably spreading like wildfire. Only one week ago, you would have been chastised, maybe even jailed, for going into a store without a mask on or attempting to open up a hair salon. Now, breaking and entering stores and looting them of all of their goods is permitted on a large scale across the United States.

This will change things. People will start moving out of the big cities. Watching the footage of the aftermath of the carnage created in Minneapolis is both heartbreaking and frightening

Companies will relocate their office buildings into the suburbs. It will be seen as too dangerous to remain. With businesses financially hurting from the required shutdowns, now being exacerbated by the rioting, cities like New York will see a shortfall of tax revenue. With less money, the cities will be forced to layoff police officers, firemen and teachers. This will further degrade the lives of people living there. Taxes will be raised substantially on people to compensate for the loss of business taxes. High taxes, expensive apartments, lack of safety and the fear of a resurgence of Covid-19 will drive people out of the cities to places deemed more secure with a better quality of life. Those who are left behind, they will live in dirty, crime-infested places plagued with violence.

A weird byproduct of the riots are the Instagram photos taken to show their concern over what’s happening. The posers then waltz back to the Mercedes Benz to the safety of their suburban homes.

 There is, however, some hope. After getting a “gotcha question” from a reporter, a Police Officer gave an impassioned plea for working together to enact change. The parents of an Antifa kid who’s accused of inciting a riot in Pittsburgh and arrested, was turned in to authorities by his parents


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