What Is The Fascination With The Royal Family?

What Is The Fascination With The Royal Family?

We fought an actual war to extricate ourselves from people bossing us around just because they were born to the right parents. 

Since we never had a monarchy, many Americans don’t really get the whole pomp and circumstance associated with Kings, Queens, Princes and Duchesses. There are also those who love all the machinations, pageantry and shiny things associated with royalty. To be fair, we kind of treat our famous actors, celebrities, sports and rock stars as royalty too.

It’s been reported that the Prince Harry and Princess Meghan have grown weary of living in the lap of luxury. The couple and their young child, Archie, need some space. Moving to America with a big ocean between them and the Queen offers a comfortable distance.

They now need to make it on their own. We know it’s going to be tough on these plucky kids. Who would want to give them a job, speaking engagements or a book deal? At least, they’ll have billions of dollars worth of inheritance money to fall back on if things don’t work at in the U.S. So, fortunately, there won’t be a need for them to drive Ubers anytime soon.

We all wish them good luck in their future endeavors!

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