What offices may look like in a post-pandemic era, if they exist at all

What offices may look like in a post-pandemic era, if they exist at all

“The new normal will be anything but normal.”

In recent years, offices have been changing shape.

Largely gone were stuffy cubicles and dividers in favor of open spaces that encouraged collaboration, with coworkers in some cases sitting in long rows or around tables.

The new shared format — exemplified by coworking spaces — allowed more people to work together and broke down barriers.

But with the onset of the novel coronavirus, a highly contagious respiratory disease with no vaccine that has killed more than 75,000 in the U.S alone, all of that may go by the wayside.

That’s if offices even exist to the extent they once did in a post-coronavirus world.

In just a few weeks, the way most people work drastically changed as authorities around the country issued stay-at-home orders and closed everything but essential businesses to help stop the spread of COVID-19. From small firms to Fortune 500 companies, business leaders quickly moved to operate with their workforces almost entirely remote.

The very concept of the modern office — lots of people freely flowing in an open space for hours sharing desks and other facilities — which seemed so normal just weeks ago now appears antithetical to safety and productivity in the pandemic age.

Source: ABC

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