What’s Really Important To Know About…

What’s Really Important To Know About…



By Jack Kelly

We are going to soon see what direction the Covid-19 pandemic will take. Over the Memorial Day weekend, which is viewed by almost everyone as the unofficial start to summer, hordes of people descended upon the beaches.

Much to the chagrin of all the Karens and Karls, throngs of people shuffled along crowded boardwalks in Ocean City, Maryland. The majority of beachgoers didn’t sport masks, gloves nor keep six feet of distance between their fellow rebel rule breakers.

There were also mobs of plump people bobbing up and down in swimming pools and at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 

It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen after the incubation period sets in. In a few weeks, we’ll know whether the virus re-spreads like wildfire or not. The anti-social distancing, anti-mask brave lab rats offer us the best case study possible for determining if it’s safe to reopen the economy or not.  

Of course, this will be politicized, but we can see through to the truth. The first article on Tuesday that authoritatively states, “One hundred rednecks from the Ozarks have contracted Covid-19”, we’ll know that they’re lying. There’s no way that someone who is breaking all of the protocols, slipped out of their wet swimsuits, put on a suit and marched right to a doctor’s office or hospital, received an immediate test for the virus and received the same-day result. This holds true on social media, particularly Twitter, where people have a habit of making up or enhancing stories to achieve their political brownie points. 

Here’s how many of us spent our Memorial Day weekend…


Indiana Dunes

Daytona Beach, FL

San Francisco

Lake Geneva

36 Shot, 9 Dead in CHICAGO Over Memorial Day Weekend

My Wife And I At The Pool




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